274 modules found

Kilpatrick Audio K4815 Pattern Generator

CV and MIDI Pattern Generator

Hardware cloneMIDISequencer

Kilpatrick Audio K4815E Expander

Pattern Generator Expander


Kilpatrick Audio K4815P Programmer

Pattern Generator Programmer


Vult Lapsus

Non-Euclidean Rhythm Generator


Vult Quincunx

Probability Machine


Vult Dopamine

Neural Tape


Vult Feigen

Bifurcations Generator


Vult Basal

Smooth Oscillator


Vult Bleak

Analog Oscillator


Vult Boomstick

Sallen-Key filter


Vult Caudal

Mechanical Chaos Source

RandomLow-frequency oscillatorNoisePolyphonic

Vult Debriatus

Wave Destruction


Vult Decline

Equalizer Line


Vult Disjoint

DJ Style Filter


Vult Flame

Analog Distortion


Vult Ferox

CMOS Filter


Vult Flux

Quad Voltage Processor

AttenuatorEnvelope followerQuadSample and holdSlew limiterUtilityPolyphonic

Vult HyperPower

Infinite Power Supply


Vult Julste

Simple Low Pass Gate

Low-pass gatePolyphonic

Vult Lateralus

Diode Ladder Filter


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