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Befaco Mex


Gate Expander for Befaco Muxlicer

ExpanderHardware clone

Befaco Muxlicer


VC adressable sequential switch and sequencer

Clock generatorHardware clonePolyphonicSequencerSwitch

Befaco STMix


A compact 4 channel stereo mixer with an auxiliary input

Hardware cloneMixerPolyphonic

Befaco ADSR


ADSR envelope generator with gate output on each stage, plus variable shape

Envelope generatorHardware clone

Befaco Morphader


Multichannel CV/Audio crossfader

ControllerHardware cloneMixerPolyphonicQuad

Befaco Sampling Modulator


Multi-function module that lies somewhere between a VCO, a Sample & Hold, and an 8 step trigger sequencer

Clock generatorHardware cloneOscillatorSample and hold

Nonlinear Circuits Divide & Conquer

Nonlinear Circuits

More clock dividers than you will ever need.

LogicClock modulatorHardware clone

OmniMango July-60

OmniMango Juno Chorus Clone

Juno Chorus Clone

Hardware cloneEffectChorus

Nonlinear Circuits Segue

Nonlinear Circuits

Stereo channel-flipping panner, crossfader, or VCA

MixerHardware clone

Nonlinear Circuits Divine CMOS

Nonlinear Circuits

Waveform and clock divider with multiple divison outputs, slew, and a mixer.

LogicHardware clone

Nonlinear Circuits 8-Bit Cipher

Nonlinear Circuits

Dual sequencer and clock divider. Panel by jk.

SequencerHardware cloneClock modulator

Befaco Kickall


Bassdrum module, with pitch and volume envelopes

DrumHardware cloneSynth voice

Befaco Chopping Kinky


Voltage controllable, dual channel wavefolder

DualHardware cloneVoltage-controlled amplifierWaveshaper

Befaco Hex Mix VCA


Six channel VCA with response curve range from logarithmic to linear and to exponential

MixerHardware clonePolyphonicVoltage-controlled amplifier

Befaco Percall


Percussive Envelope Generator

Envelope generatorMixerPolyphonicHardware cloneQuad

Magus Instrumentalis Nyarlathotep


Chaotic oscillator LFO (hbd Ryan!)

OscillatorLow-frequency oscillatorNoiseHardware clone

Magus Instrumentalis Azathoth


Chaotic oscillator (new)

OscillatorNoiseHardware clone

Kilpatrick Audio Spinner

Virtue Hardware Companion Modules

Hardware wheel interface

Hardware clone

Kilpatrick Audio Slider

Virtue Hardware Companion Modules

Hardware slider/button interface

Hardware clone

Kilpatrick Audio Smasher

Virtue Hardware Companion Modules

Hardware button interface

Hardware clone

Kilpatrick Audio Twister

Virtue Hardware Companion Modules

Quad hardware knob controller

Hardware cloneMIDIQuadUtility

Vult Vraids (Freak alternate firmware)

Vult Compacts

Macro Oscillator

OscillatorHardware clone

Vult Freak-HW

Vult Compacts

Manifold Filter

FilterHardware clone

Kilpatrick Audio K4815 Pattern Generator

K4815 Pattern Generator

CV and MIDI Pattern Generator

Hardware cloneMIDISequencer

Instruō saïch


Quad Oscillator

Hardware cloneOscillatorQuad

Instruō lìon


Matrix Mixer

Hardware cloneMixerUtility

Instruō tàin


Switch Utility Module

Hardware cloneDigitalDualSwitchUtility

Instruō tágh


Sample and Hold

Hardware cloneNoiseRandomSample and hold

Instruō [2]f


Dual Fader Module

Hardware cloneDualUtility

Instruō I-ō47


Multimode Resonator / Filter

Hardware cloneFilterOscillator

Instruō tòna



Hardware cloneOscillator

Instruō harmonàig


Diatonic Harmonic Quantiser

Hardware cloneControllerQuadQuantizer

Instruō tràigh


Discrete Transistor Ladder Lowpass Filter

Hardware cloneFilterMixerOscillator

Instruō troika


Triple Oscillator

Hardware cloneMultipleOscillator

Submarine VM-202


VM-202 2-Channel Vintage VU-Meter

UtilityVisualDualPolyphonicHardware clone

Submarine VM-201


VM-201 Vintage VU-Meter

UtilityVisualHardware clone

Submarine VM-102


VM-102 2-Channel VU-Meter

UtilityVisualDualPolyphonicHardware clone

Submarine VM-101


VM-101 VU-Meter

UtilityVisualHardware clone

Nonlinear Circuits Statues

Nonlinear Circuits

1->8 Signal switch using binary inputs. Panel by jk.

LogicHardware clone

Nonlinear Circuits Numberwang

Nonlinear Circuits

Four gates make sixteen. That's Numberwang! Panel by jk.

LogicHardware clone

Nonlinear Circuits Neuron

Nonlinear Circuits

3-input comparator and Difference Rectifier for creating unpredictable interactions. Panel by jk.

MixerNoiseUtilityRandomHardware cloneDual

Nonlinear Circuits GENiE

Nonlinear Circuits

Three Neurons tangled together in a feedback network of chaos. Panel by jk.

MixerNoiseUtilityRandomHardware clone

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