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nozoïd Nozori_84_FM


Sinusoidal oscillator with 3 modulations oscillators

Hardware cloneOscillator

Befaco Sampling Modulator


Multi-function module that lies somewhere between a VCO, a Sample & Hold, and an 8 step trigger sequencer

Clock generatorHardware cloneOscillatorSample and hold

Nonlinear Circuits Divine CMOS

Nonlinear Circuits

Waveform and clock divider with multiple divison outputs, slew, and a mixer.

LogicHardware clone

Befaco Mex


Gate Expander for Befaco Muxlicer

ExpanderHardware clone

nozoïd Nozori_68_VCO_MORPH


Parametric VCO, with VCA and VC Panoramic

Hardware cloneOscillator

Bastl Kompas


Kompas is a three-coordinate probabilistic pattern navigator.

Clock modulatorHardware cloneRandomSequencer

nozoïd Nozori_68_LFO


Dual LFO, with parametric waveform and syncronisation to any signal

Hardware cloneDualFunction generatorLow-frequency oscillatorSample and hold

nozoïd Nozori_84_SEQ_4


4 step sequencer with parameterizable step length

Hardware cloneSequencer

nozoïd Nozori_68_VCO_WS


Sinusoidal oscillator with VC waveshaper and VCA and VC Panoramic

Hardware cloneOscillator

Nonlinear Circuits Segue

Nonlinear Circuits

Stereo channel-flipping panner, crossfader, or VCA

MixerHardware clone

nozoïd Nozori_84_SIN_WS


Dual oscillator and a Peter De Jong waveshaper

Hardware cloneOscillator

Atelier Palette


Based on Mutable Instruments Plaits

OscillatorHardware clonePolyphonic

nozoïd Nozori_84_VCF


Dual filter with parametric control of the frequency response.

Hardware cloneFilter

Audible Instruments Quad VCA

Audible Instruments

Based on Mutable Instruments Veils

MixerHardware clone

Audible Instruments Mixer

Audible Instruments

Based on Mutable Instruments Shades

MixerHardware clone

nozoïd Nozori_68_SIN_MOD


Sinusoidal oscillator with 2 external modulation (PM / FM / AM)

Hardware cloneOscillator

Dintree V103 Reverb Delay


Stereo Reverb and Delay Digital Effects Processor

DelayDigitalEffectHardware cloneReverb

nozoïd Nozori_68_WS


Wave shaper and distortion with a VC Panoramic

Hardware cloneDualDistortionEffectWaveshaper

htLocal htAdder


functions largely like the A-185-2 Precision CV Adder

Hardware cloneUtility

nozoïd Nozori_68_KS


Karplus-Strong audio model

Hardware cloneDelayEffect

nozoïd Nozori_68_CV_REC


Record and play back 2 independent CV, at variable speed

Hardware cloneDualDigitalEnvelope generatorRecording

E-Series E340 Cloud Generator


Based on Synthesis Technology E340

OscillatorPolyphonicHardware clone

Befaco Kickall


Bassdrum module, with pitch and volume envelopes

DrumHardware cloneSynth voice

nozoïd Nozori_68_VCA_PAN


Stereo VCA-Panoramic, with modulation of the panoramic control

Hardware cloneDualEffectPanningVoltage-controlled amplifier

Nonlinear Circuits BOOLs

Nonlinear Circuits

Four binary logic jumblers. Panel by Papernoise.

LogicHardware cloneQuad

Prism Droplet


A band-pass resonant filter, a port of the 4ms SMR MaxQ filter

Physical modelingFilterHardware clone

nozoïd Nozori_84_SEQ_8


8 steps sequencer

Hardware cloneSequencer

nozoïd Nozori_84_TROPICAL


Tropical additive synthesis

Hardware cloneDigitalOscillator

Nonlinear Circuits Statues

Nonlinear Circuits

1->8 Signal switch using binary inputs. Panel by jk.

LogicHardware clone

nozoïd Nozori_68_NOISE


Stereo Noise source, with low and high frequency filter

Hardware cloneDualNoise

nozoïd Nozori_84_HARMONICS


Sinusoidal oscillator with 3 harmonics at variable relative frequency

Hardware cloneOscillator

nozoïd Nozori_84_JONG_VCO


Peter de Jong chaotic attractor at audio frequency

Hardware cloneOscillator

nozoïd Nozori_68_CRUSH


Stereo Down-sampler / Bitcrusher

Hardware cloneDigitalEffectDual

nozoïd Nozori_68_RND_LOOP


Loop of Random Value, with various interpolation and external synchronisation

Hardware cloneDualFunction generatorLow-frequency oscillatorRandom

Befaco Dual Atenuverter


Attenuates, inverts, and applies offset to a signal

AttenuatorDualHardware clonePolyphonic

Submarine VM-202


VM-202 2-Channel Vintage VU-Meter

UtilityVisualDualPolyphonicHardware clone

Nonlinear Circuits Divide & Conquer

Nonlinear Circuits

More clock dividers than you will ever need.

LogicClock modulatorHardware clone

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