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Befaco STMix

A compact 4 channel stereo mixer with an auxiliary input

Hardware cloneMixerPolyphonic

Befaco Morphader

Multichannel CV/Audio crossfader

ControllerHardware cloneMixerPolyphonicQuad

Delexander Algomorph Pocket

Miniature 4-Channel Multistate Router with Morphing and Graph Visualization


VCV Drum Machine



A set of three attenuverters with mixing.



Gate transposer.


Nonlinear Circuits Segue

Stereo channel-flipping panner, crossfader, or VCA

MixerHardware clone


Simple mixer split.


Befaco Hex Mix VCA

Six channel VCA with response curve range from logarithmic to linear and to exponential

MixerHardware clonePolyphonicVoltage-controlled amplifier

Befaco Percall

Percussive Envelope Generator

Envelope generatorMixerPolyphonicHardware cloneQuad

Magus Instrumentalis Eibon

Saturating mixer


DanT 5Splice

[4hp] Window mixer for up to 5 inputs


computerscare Moly Patrix

Polyphonic mix matrix


Slime Child Audio Saturating Mixer

Chainable Non-linear Mixer

MixerDistortionPhysical modeling

Instruō lìon

Matrix Mixer

Hardware cloneMixerUtility

Instruō tràigh

Discrete Transistor Ladder Lowpass Filter

Hardware cloneFilterMixerOscillator

Stalys 8 Summing mixer

Octal three to one unity mixers


Stalys VC Dual Neuron

Voltage-controlled neural network module

DualLogicMixerNoiseRandomRing modulatorSample and holdUtilityVoltage-controlled amplifierWaveshaper

Magus Instrumentalis Enochian Tablet

CV controlled matrix mixer


Bogaudio SWITCH81

8-channel mixer


Bogaudio MX88M

Mutes expander for MATRIX88


Bogaudio MX88CV

CV expander for MATRIX88


Bogaudio MX44CVM

CV and mutes expander for MATRIX44


Bogaudio MATRIX81

8-channel mixer


Nonlinear Circuits Neuron

3-input comparator and Difference Rectifier for creating unpredictable interactions. Panel by jk.

MixerNoiseUtilityRandomHardware cloneDual

Nonlinear Circuits GENiE

Three Neurons tangled together in a feedback network of chaos. Panel by jk.

MixerNoiseUtilityRandomHardware clone

NYSTHI TZMX FM Operators mixers

polyphonic FM mixers for DX7 style algorithms composition


Nonlinear Circuits Let's Splosh

Four inputs run into lots of Difference Rectifiers for many output variations. Panel by Papernoise.

MixerNoiseUtilityRandomHardware cloneQuad

Rackwindows Console MM

Stereo summing mixer to work in conjunction with MindMeld's MixMaster


Dintree V105 Quad CV Proc

Quad Control Voltage Processor

AttenuatorMixerQuadHardware clone

Dintree V102 Output Mixer

Four Input Mixer with Pan Pots and Output Level Meter

MixerPanningQuadUtilityHardware clone

Rackwindows Console

Stereo summing mixer


Studio Six Plus One Eva


MixerVoltage-controlled amplifierPolyphonic

Prok Modular Micro Mixer

Micro Mixer for 5 inputs


NLnRi Luci4AudioSum

Luci 4 Audio Sum


Captain's Sounds MIO - Multiple Input to Output

Dual polyphonic multi input to out


manikk Dual 3 Channel Mixer

Dual 3 channel mixer. The upper mixer output is normalized to the lower mixer input 1

MixerHardware clone

manikk SHMIX

6 channel mixer with level shift

MixerHardware clone

Qwelk Mix

UtilityMixerVoltage-controlled amplifier

Qwelk Column


Bogaudio MIX4X

Expander for MIX4, adds EQs and sends


Bogaudio MIX8X

Expander for MIX8, adds EQs and sends


Submarine XF-301

XF-301 Small Form Factor Stereo Cross Fader


Nonlinear Circuits Double Neuron

Two Neurons and Two Difference Rectifiers. Panel by Papernoise.

MixerNoiseUtilityRandomHardware cloneDual

Nonlinear Circuits Squid Axon

Mixer, Shift Register, and Feedback. Panel by Jason Wehmhoener.

MixerRandomHardware clone

NANO Modules MAR

Dual Eurorack Mixer

MixerAttenuatorHardware clone

NANO Modules ALT

Quad Voltage Controlled Amplifier & Cascading Mixer

AttenuatorMixerQuadVoltage-controlled amplifierHardware clone

Crystal Palace Perspex

Revolving 16-channel mixer


Unfiltered Volume 2 Yoko

3-Band Frequency Splitter


Unfiltered Volume 2 Sunder

3-Band Amplitude Splitter


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