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AS ReFluke

AS Seqs n Tools

S&H/Noise/Gate generator

NoiseRandomSample and hold

Befaco Sampling Modulator


Multi-function module that lies somewhere between a VCO, a Sample & Hold, and an 8 step trigger sequencer

Clock generatorHardware cloneOscillatorSample and hold



SoyModelSOU little helper, scaler, offsetter, voltage folders, analogue shifter

RandomSample and holdUtilityVoltage-controlled amplifierPolyphonic



Source of uncertainty Buchla266/Doepfer149 wannabe wannabe

RandomSample and hold

Bogaudio WALK


Random-walk CV source

RandomSample and holdPolyphonic

modular80 Logistiker


Chaotic CV generator based on Logistics equation

RandomSample and hold



Sample & Hold

NoiseSample and hold

Geodesics Branes


Coliding sample and hold

Sample and holdRandomDualNoise



256 bits bitshifter with S&H and noise and inner LFO and VCO

NoiseSample and holdUtility

XTRTN Mesohyl


Easy knobs with built-in S&H powers.

Sample and holdUtilityController

XTRTN Mesoglea2


Easy flippable gates/mutes with sample-and-hold.

Sample and holdUtilityController

Count Modula Analogue Shift Register

Count Modula

A dual 4, or single 8, step shift register

Sample and hold

Mockba Modular SHEight

Mockba Modular Tools

8 Channel S&H with poly output and clock

Sample and holdPolyphonic

Sckitam FIFOQueue


First-in First-out Queue

Sample and holdSequencer

catronomix aAvsBb


Multi-purpose quadcomparator/wave folder with 4 inputs

LogicSample and holdWaveshaper

Bogaudio S&H


Dual sample (or track) and hold

Sample and holdDualPolyphonic

Count Modula Super Sample & Hold

Count Modula

Sample and Hold/Track and hold with probability and offset

Sample and holdPolyphonic

MSM Random Source


Random source that produces variable shape staircase waveforms

Sample and holdRandom



Warren Burt noise s&h lfo Aardvark IV RVG cell, clockable, cvable, syncable

NoiseUtilityClock generatorSample and holdLow-frequency oscillator

unless games pianoid

unless modules

a compact piano for monitoring polyphonic v/oct signals from midi or other sources. includes sustain mode and manual note/chord inputting.

VisualPolyphonicControllerSample and hold

Mockba Modular Holdah

Mockba Modular

Simple Sample & Hold

Sample and hold

modular80 Nosering


Interpretation of Grant Richter's Noisering design

NoiseRandomSample and hold

Plurm Stacktrace


Sample and hold in an 8-frame stack

Sample and hold

Submarine BB-120


BB-120 20-Stage Bucket Brigade Sample and Hold

LogicDelaySample and holdMultiple

XTRTN Mesoglea


Flippable polyphonic gates and/or mutes with sample-and-hold options.

Sample and holdUtilityPolyphonic

Count Modula Sample & Hold

Count Modula

Sample and Hold/Track and hold

Sample and holdPolyphonic

ML Modules Evolution

ML Modules

Shift register based random sequencer

SequencerSample and holdPolyphonic

Sha#Bang! Modules QubitCrusher

Sha#Bang! Modules

Bit crusher and downsampler with randomization

DigitalDistortionEffectSample and hold

Bark S&H / T&H

Coirt / Bark

Sample & Hold | Track & Hold

PolyphonicSample and hold

catronomix PreSetSeq


Preset scanner/sequencer for 8 parameters with 8 save slots

Sample and holdSequencer

Vult Flux

Vult Modules

Quad Voltage Processor

AttenuatorEnvelope followerQuadSample and holdSlew limiterUtilityPolyphonic

computerscare Debug


Debugger, poly sample & hold, poly volt meter

PolyphonicUtilityRandomSample and hold

Bogaudio WALK2


2D random-walk and X/Y controller

RandomSample and holdController

Chortling Hamster Modules Pop

Chortling Hamster Modules

Pop is a small sample and hold module. One input, one trigger and one output. But it has a chortling hamster on it!

Sample and hold

ML Modules Shift Register

ML Modules

Analogue shift register

Sample and holdPolyphonic

ML Modules S&H 8

ML Modules

8 fold Sample and Hold

Sample and holdPolyphonic

Chortling Hamster Modules Bitwise

Chortling Hamster Modules

Bitwise is four sample and hold circuits whose triggers can be affected by CV controlled patterns.

PolyphonicSample and hold

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