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OME Masino

Yet another arpeggiator with useful features.


DanT Charlie Foxtrot

[28hp][Nu-Metal] An 8-channel polyphonic VCA + slew + envelope + clock counter & pass-through mess of a module!

Clock modulatorEnvelope generatorPolyphonicSequencerSlew limiterUtilityVoltage-controlled amplifier

Venom VCO Lab

Audio or low frequency oscillator with 4 simultaneous waveforms, mixing, linear/exponential FM, phase modulation, hard/soft sync, PWM, and more

Function generatorLow-frequency oscillatorOscillatorPolyphonic

Hutara Hutara Random

Sample&Hold and Random Gate

RandomSample and hold

Hutara Hutara PsyOperator

Psychedelic Synthesizer,VCO with FM Synthesis, Resample and Waveshaper


Sanguine Modules Sanguine Mortuus

Based on the Dead Man's Catch alternative firmware for Peaks'

DrumEnvelope generatorOscillatorLow-frequency oscillatorSequencerHardware cloneDual

Sanguine Modules Sanguine Contextus

A macro oscillator based on the Reinassance alternative firmware for Braids

OscillatorWaveshaperHardware clone

computerscare Toly Pools v2

Polyphonic toolset including rotator, number-of-channels selector


WavsynModular Pleats

Wavefolder with CV controls


scanner darkly comparator

polyphonic comparator


Sm@rTAZZ Studio Pulse-VCO

A pulse wave VCO with pulse-width, phase, volume and frequency modulation


Sparkette's Stuff Accessor

Connects to an adjacent DMA-compatible module to allow for reading and writing of memory.


Stochastic Telegraph Ruminate

A playback head within a Memory system of modules.


CV funk Pressed Duck

A stereo six-channel dynamic compressing mixer with side-chain ducking, tanh saturation and ADAA.

MixerCompressorDynamicsDistortionPanningVoltage-controlled amplifier

Sparkette's Stuff Dual Integrator

Modulates up to two values over time at variable speed. DMA compatible; try stacking multiple horizontally.

DualDynamicsFunction generator

Sm@rTAZZ Studio D-Octer

Transposed the input voltage by 2 and 1 octave, up and down, each result is sent to a separate output.


Sm@rTAZZ Studio Clipper

Clips or folds an audio signal, causing distortion & harmonics being added


Sickozell modulator7 Compact

7 unipolar triangle LFOs

Low-frequency oscillator

CV funk Impulse Controller

Decay envelopes propagate across a network of 24 nodes

Envelope generatorFunction generatorVisual

CV funk Envelope Array

Six related envelopes and gates

Envelope generatorFunction generator

Jasmine & Olive Trees Hotel

Source of loopable random gates with preset frequencies.

RandomSequencerClock modulator

Jasmine & Olive Trees Water

Three-phase 8-step CV generator

SequencerUtilityHardware clone

pachde Compressor

Controller for EaganMatrix Compressor (HC-1 companion)


Sm@rTAZZ Studio Triangle-VCO

A triangle wave VCO with phase, volume and frequency modulation


Sm@rTAZZ Studio Sine-VCO

A sine wave VCO with phase, volume and frequency modulation


Sm@rTAZZ Studio Saw-VCO

A sawtooth wave VCO with phase, volume and frequency modulation


Sm@rTAZZ Studio Splitter

Splits a polyphonic signal to max 4 channels


Sickozell modulator7

7 triangle/ramp LFOs with sync feature

Low-frequency oscillatorPolyphonic

Sickozell modulator

triangle/ramp LFOs with sync feature

Low-frequency oscillator

Venom Benjolin Oscillator

Complex chaotic oscillator emulating the oscillator and rungler components of a Benjolin

Low-frequency oscillatorOscillatorRandomSequencer

Impromptu NoteEcho

CV/Gate-based delay

Sample and holdDelay

Sparkette's Stuff Polyphonic Selector

Selects one output (or more) from a polyphonic input based on the voltage from another input.


Sparkette's Stuff RGB Matrix (64x64)

An array of RGB lights with built-in oscillators for generating and displaying patterns.


Sparkette's Stuff RGB Matrix (16x16)

An array of RGB lights with built-in oscillators for generating and displaying patterns.


MUS-X Oscillators

Massively oversampled analog oscillator pair with sync, FM and ringmod.

OscillatorLow-frequency oscillatorPolyphonic

sn sn-vco

sn experimental additive synthesizer VCO

OscillatorFunction generatorWaveshaper

OrangeLine Morpheus

Morphing of given or random sequences with turing machine functionality and 16 Internal Memory Slots.


Sickozell holder Compact

Sample & Hold or Track & Hold with noise generator, probability and range in a compact form factor

Sample and holdNoisePolyphonic

Rigatoni Modular Loom

An additive oscillator based loosely on the structure of Euclidean pattern sequencing

DigitalLow-frequency oscillatorOscillatorSynth voice

Ohmer Modules KX

3HP "left-side" expander for KlokSpid MkII: discrete CLK, RUN, and RESET inputs, plus two pre-offsets CV (assignable to quantizers)

Clock generatorClock modulatorLow-frequency oscillatorEnvelope generatorExpander

Ohmer Modules KlokSpid MkII

16HP CPU-based programmable clocked modulation source

Clock generatorClock modulatorLow-frequency oscillatorEnvelope generator

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