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AS RCK Snare

AS Drums n Filters $20

Simmons style sampled Snare Drum


Path Set Orchestrator

Path Set: Infinity $15

A conniving octopus that creates modulation and gate outputs to conduct a 10 minute long song.

RandomLow-frequency oscillatorClock generator

Slime Child Audio LP4 Filter

Substation $15

Physically-modelled 24dB per Octave Ladder Lowpass

FilterPhysical modelingPolyphonic

Entrian CV

Entrian Sequencers $30

Multi-segment multi-channel CV sequencer and graphical editor.


LindenbergResearch Valerie MS20 Filter

LindenbergResearch $20

Valerie MS20 Style 12dB/oct Sallen-Key Lowpass-Filter


Entrian Drummer

Entrian Acoustic Drums $20

Trigger sequencer for expressive drum grooves.


Slime Child Audio Quantizer

Substation $15

Variable-Intonation Transposing Quantizer


Path Set WarpDrive

Path Set: Infinity $15

Dual-drive systems. Two sound sources with built in, clocks, lfos, and envelops.

OscillatorLow-frequency oscillatorClock generatorEnvelope generator

AS VC Filter Stereo

AS Drums n Filters $20

Voltage Controlled Stereo Filter


AlliewayAudio CartoonRunning

AlliewayAudio Series I $10

Circuit-Bent Newtonian Physics! Can be used a signal woggler, unstable Oscillator / Envelope / Chaos generator, or as a rather crazy audio effect! Warning: This module has a mind of it's own - use caution (and a limiter if you're using it for audio)!

DigitalDistortionDrumFilterFunction generatorLow-frequency oscillatorOscillatorPhysical modelingWaveshaper

LindenbergResearch Simple Mixer/VCA

LindenbergResearch $20

A Voltage Controlled 5-Channel Mixer/VCA with Dynamic Amp-Shape

MixerVoltage-controlled amplifier

AS CMP Snare

AS Drums n Filters $20

C64 style sampled Snare Drum


Regen Modular XFade

Regen Modular $20

Linear crossfader for blending between two input signals.


Regen Modular Frames

Regen Modular $20

A sequencer that takes inspiration from tracker software.


Path Set SifterExpander

Path Set: Grains $15

Expander for Sifter. Adds panning and volume controls per channel.

LindenbergResearch Neo Filter

LindenbergResearch $20

New Filter-Model based on the Design of the Classic Ladder-Filter


Path Set Bridge

Path Set: Rainbows $15

Start with four linear sequences and build bridges to connect and jump around.


AlliewayAudio Bumper

AlliewayAudio Series I $10

Quad Stepped Digital Accumulator. Based on the programming concept of incrementally 'bumping' variables up and down. Send it some gates, and it creates many stepped CVs and sub-rhythms as output - send it some oscillators, and it will explode your Atari.

Clock modulatorDigitalFunction generatorLogicLow-frequency oscillatorOscillatorQuadSample and holdSequencerUtilityWaveshaper

AS VC Filter

AS Drums n Filters $20

Voltage Controlled Filter


Regen Modular Nessie Triangle

Regen Modular $20

Chip inspired quantized triangle oscillator.


Regen Modular Cyclex LFO

Regen Modular $20

Low-frequency oscillator that generates waveforms using looped simplex noise.

Low-frequency oscillatorPolyphonic

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