72 modules found

NYSTHI SmashMaster

SmashMaster distortion emulator


OrangeLine Fence

Keep CVs in a defined pitch range


stoermelder RAW

Digital effect based on the dynamics of bistable systems


Hora Vacuumba Free

Tube Distortion


Rigatoni Modular Thru Zero

A small waveshaping utility that mimics soft oscillator sync for input ramp waves and acts as a through zero FM helper


Sha#Bang! Modules QubitCrusher

Bit crusher and downsampler with randomization

DigitalDistortionEffectSample and hold

Sonus Dept. Bitter

Bit Manipulator


Sonus Dept. Deathcrush

Driver and Crusher


Squinky Labs Shaper

Precision Wave Shaper


Squinky Labs Stairway

Ladder filter on steroids


Starling Via SCANNER

multi-channel waveshaper

WaveshaperDistortionHardware clone

Surge XT Chow

The Surge XT Chow


Surge XT Distortion

The Surge XT Distortion


Surge XT Neuron

The Surge XT Neuron


Surge XT Waveshaper

The Surge Waveshapers


Venom Reformation

Transform CV or audio by mapping way point voltages to new values

DistortionEffectPolyphonicUtilityVoltage-controlled amplifierWaveshaper

Venom WinComp

Windowed comparator and rectifier


Blamsoft XFX Grunge

Distortion Stompbox


Blamsoft XFX Overdrive

Distortion Stompbox


Blamsoft XFX Tube

Tube Distortion


ZetaCarinae RosslerRustler

Filter/Oscillator combination based on Rossler Attractor


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