223 modules found

Surge for Rack SurgeChorus

The Surge chorus effect


Ohmer Modules KlokSpid

CPU-controlled clock generator/modulator

Clock generatorClock modulator

LOGinstruments Less Mess

Add labels to your cables


Bacon Music Glissinator

Do a constant time gliss over a changing input signal

Slew limiterPolyphonic

GoodSheperd Stall



GoodSheperd Seqtrol


Clock modulatorSample and holdSwitchUtility

21kHz PalmLoop

CPU friendly voltage controlled oscillator with polyBLEP/BLAMP anti-aliasing


KautenjaDSP Blocks

Inspired by Mutable Instruments Edges.

NoiseOscillatorPolyphonicSynth voice

Bidoo πlOT

Controller with snapshots and morphing


Bidoo OUAIve

Sample player with beat slicing grid


Bidoo eDsaroS

Sample player base on Laurent De Soras resampler


noobhour Customscaler

A quantizer for custom, CV-modifiable scales.


Holonic Systems Gaps

Clock divider with multiple modes

Clock modulator

Voxglitch Looper

Bare minimum sample looper


LOGinstruments Speck

FFT Spectrum Analysis


Loud Numbers Loud Numbers

Data sonification


DHE Modules Blossom

Generates a pair of complex, pulsing LFO signals

Low-frequency oscillator

TheModularMind OSCelot

OSC mapping module for parameters of any module


TheModularMind OSCelotExpander

Expander for OSC'elot outputting a trigger and CV for each controller


Frozen Wasteland Seriously Slow EG

Envelope Generator for modulating CV over *very* long time periods

Envelope generator

ML Modules Evolution

Shift register based random sequencer

SequencerSample and holdPolyphonic

Frozen Wasteland Lissajous LFO

LFO based on interactions of 4 sine waves

Low-frequency oscillator

Vult Opulus

Retro FM Operator

Synth voicePolyphonic

Vult OpulusMicro

Accidental FM Operator

Synth voicePolyphonic

Frank Buss Formula

Formula for CV and audio


ML Modules Cloner

Clone a signal to polyphonic channels


DHE Modules Booster Stage

Generates a single envelope stage

Envelope generator

Prok Modular Clap Envelope

Prok Modular (16 modules)

Special envelope for synthesizing hand claps

Envelope generatorDrum

Prok Modular Drum Envelope

Prok Modular (16 modules)

Three stage envelope (Attack, Decay, Breakpoint) for drum synthesis

Envelope generatorDrum

Count Modula SR Flip Flop

A logical Set/Reset flip flop with enable


Holonic Systems Holonic Source

Integrates with the Holon.ist iOS app and outputs CV control signals to VCV Rack


Count Modula T Flip Flop

A logical T type (toggle) flip flop with enable


Count Modula D Flip Flop

A logical D type flip flop with clock enable


Sonus Dept. Addiction

Additive Oscillator


Sonus Dept. Ladrone

Drone Oscillator


Bidoo póUPrè

Sample player


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