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scanner darkly orca's heart v2

eight-voice algorithmic sequence generator


Sm@rTAZZ Studio D-Octer

Transposed the input voltage by 2 and 1 octave, up and down, each result is sent to a separate output.


Sm@rTAZZ Studio Clipper

Clips or folds an audio signal, causing distortion & harmonics being added


docB Map

Polyphonic Chaos Maps


docB Swen

A Chaos Module


docB SEQ22

Stochastic Sequencer


Venom Poly Scale

Provides a level control for each channel of a polyphonic signal


Venom Poly Offset

Provides an offset control for each channel of a polyphonic signal


Venom Multi Split

Split one or more poly inputs into multiple mono or poly outputs


Venom Multi Merge

Merge one or more sets of mono and/or poly inputs into polyphonic outputs


Venom Auxilliary Clone Expander

Adds additional cloned poly input/output pairs to Clone Merge, Poly Merge, or Poly Unison


Sickozell polyMuter16+

Mutes or Soloes single channels of a poly-cable


Sickozell polyMuter16

Mutes single channels of a poly-cable


Sickozell polyMuter8+

Mutes or Soloes up to 8 single channels of a poly-cable


Sickozell polyMuter8

Mutes up to 8 single channels of a poly-cable


Sickozell modulator7 Compact

7 unipolar triangle LFOs

Low-frequency oscillator

Befaco Voltio

An accurate voltage source and precision adder.

Hardware clonePolyphonicUtility

Befaco Burst

Trigger processor and generator, designed to add an organic chain of events

Clock generatorClock modulatorHardware clone

CV funk Magnets

Simulate and interact with a small magnetic spin-lattice.

RandomLow-frequency oscillator

CV funk Strings

Generates guitar chords from a button interface or CV. Implements bending, whammy bar and capo.


CV funk Collatz

Clock-synchronized trigger burst generator, based on sequences of the Collatz conjecture.

SequencerClock modulator

CV funk Hex Mod

Six phase-related LFOs with rate sync and individual phase reset triggers.

Low-frequency oscillatorVisual

CV funk Ranges

Convert two input voltages into equal intervals.


CV funk Signals

A small six-channel oscilloscope for visualizing rack signals.


CV funk Impulse Controller

Decay envelopes propagate across a network of 24 nodes

Envelope generatorFunction generatorVisual

CV funk Penta Sequencer

A five step sequencer with five simultaneous outputs and tempo-synced slew


CV funk Envelope Array

Six related envelopes and gates

Envelope generatorFunction generator

CV funk Steps

Fusion of a comparator and a step generator

Function generatorSample and holdUtility

Biset Tree Seed

Tree sequencer expander to create evolving melodies

ExpanderSequencerVisualRandomPhysical modeling

ALM Busy Circuits Stereo Sum

ALM038: Stereo Sum

UtilityHardware clone

ALM Busy Circuits MEGA-TANG


MixerHardware clone

Jasmine & Olive Trees Hotel

Source of loopable random gates with preset frequencies.

RandomSequencerClock modulator

Jasmine & Olive Trees Water

Three-phase 8-step CV generator

SequencerUtilityHardware clone

ALM Busy Circuits CIZZLE

ALM Busy Circuits CIZZLE $15

ALM042 CIZZLE: Dual Oscillator inspired by Casio CZ

DigitalHardware clone

pachde TiltEQ

Controller for EaganMatrix Tilt EQ (HC-1 companion)


pachde Compressor

Controller for EaganMatrix Compressor (HC-1 companion)


pachde Pedal-2

Controller for EaganMatrix Pedal 2 (HC-1 companion)


pachde Pedal-1

Controller for EaganMatrix Pedal 1 (HC-1 companion)


pachde Round

Controller for EaganMatrix Rounding (HC-1 companion)


pachde Favorites

Eagan Matrix favorites files (a.k.a. set lists) (HC-1 companion)


pachde HC-1

Fast access to favorite presets on the Eagan Matrix, with knobs and CV for essential controls.


Sparkette's Stuff PolyCat

Concatenates up to five polyphonic inputs into a single output.


Sparkette's Stuff Functions

A selection of 1-in-1-out functions for various purposes.


Sm@rTAZZ Studio Triangle-VCO

A triangle wave VCO with phase, volume and frequency modulation


Sm@rTAZZ Studio Sine-VCO

A sine wave VCO with phase, volume and frequency modulation


Sm@rTAZZ Studio Saw-VCO

A sawtooth wave VCO with phase, volume and frequency modulation


Sm@rTAZZ Studio Splitter

Splits a polyphonic signal to max 4 channels


Sm@rTAZZ Studio Multiplier

Multiplies a polyphonic signal to 4 outputs


MUS-X Mod Matrix

MIDI controllable 13x16 Modulation Matrix


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