2,473 modules found

SV Modular DMX

DMX Drum Kit


SV Modular Open HiHat

HiHat Module


SV Modular Synthetic Bass Drum

Synthetic Bass Drum


SV Modular Snare Drum N

Snare Drum Kit based on Novation Drumstation


SynthKit 1x8 Splitter

1 in 8 out

Clock modulatorLogic

SynthKit 1x8 Splitter (CV)

CV Controlled 1x8 Splitter

Clock modulatorLogic

SynthKit Addition

Simple value addition


SynthKit Subtraction

Simple value subtraction


SynthKit Clock Divider

Clock Divider

Clock modulatorLogic

SynthKit And

Logical Bitwise And


SynthKit Or

Logical Bitwise Or


SynthKit Fibonacci Clock Divider

Fibonacci Clock Divider

Clock modulatorLogic

SynthKit PrimeClock Divider

Prime Clock Divider

Clock modulatorLogic

SynthKit Rotating Clock Divider

Rotating Clock Divider

Clock modulatorLogic

SynthKit Shifting Clock Divider

Shifting Clock Divider

Clock modulatorLogic

SynthKit 4-Step Sequencer

4-Step Sequencer


SynthKit 8-Step Sequencer

8-Step Sequencer


Frank Buss Formula

Formula for CV and audio


stoermelder ROTOR Model A

Rotates a signal across polyphonic channels


Bacon Music PolyGenerator

Generate test polyphonic midi-like sequences


Frozen Wasteland BPM LFO

Beat Synchronized LFO

Low-frequency oscillator

Frozen Wasteland BPM LFO 2

Beat Synchronized LFO with CV Waveshape

Low-frequency oscillator

Frozen Wasteland CDC Seriously Slow LFO

Slow LFO taken to absurdity

Low-frequency oscillator

Frozen Wasteland Damian Lillard

4-channel CV crossover/mixer

Voltage-controlled amplifier

Frozen Wasteland Everlasting Glottal Stopper

Vocal Tract simulating VCO


Frozen Wasteland Hair Pick

64 Tap Rhythmic Comb Filter


Frozen Wasteland Lissajous LFO

LFO based on interactions of 4 sine waves

Low-frequency oscillator

Frozen Wasteland Mr. Blue Sky

16 band vocoder


Frozen Wasteland The One Ring Modulator

Ring Modulator with CV controlable response

Ring modulator

Frozen Wasteland Phased Locked Loop

PLL attempts to follow input signals freqency


Frozen Wasteland Portland Weather

16 tap rhytmic delay with per tap pitch shifting and filtering


Frozen Wasteland Quad Algorithmic Rhythm Generator

4 track Euclidean and Golumb Ruler Sequencer


Frozen Wasteland Quantussy Cell

Chainable semi-chatotic CV generator


Frozen Wasteland Roulette LFO

LFO Based on based on rolling curves

Low-frequency oscillator

Frozen Wasteland Seriously Slow LFO

LFO for modulating CV over *very* long time periods

Low-frequency oscillator

Frozen Wasteland Vox Inhumana

Formant/Vowel Filter


RCM CV Toggle

A labelled toggle switch, outputs 0V or 10V


RCM CV Momentary

A labelled button, outputs 0V or 10V


RCM CV Sliders 0 to 10

4 CV sliders, outputs 0V to 10V


RCM CV Knob -5 to 5

CV knob, outputs -5V to 5V


RCM CV Knob 0 to 10

CV knob, outputs 0V to 10V



Dirty unstable reverb


RCM Duck

Basic audio ducking


RCM SEQ Adapter

Nord style reset for syncing simple sequencers


RCM Sync

Simplified Nord style reset for syncing simple sequencers


RCM Piano Roll

Simple Piano Roll for sequencing


RCM Audio Interface 16

A reskin of the Audio16 Interface (only kept for backwards compat)


stoermelder CV-MAP

Add CV automation to 32 parameters of any module


stoermelder CV-PAM

Generate CV from any parameter change of any module


Impromptu SMS16

Semi-modular monophonic synthesizer, with 16-step sequencer

Synth voiceSequencer

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