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Impromptu Hotkey

Triggers when mouse is over module and hotkey is pressed


NANO Modules MAR

Dual Eurorack Mixer

MixerAttenuatorHardware clone

computerscare Stoly Fick Pigure

Draw a stick figure


Count Modula Master Reset Controller

Master reset button and clock wrangler

Clock modulatorControllerUtility

Count Modula Voltage Scaler

Rescale a voltage from one range to another


Count Modula Polyphonic Mute

Polyphonic Manual/VC Mute


Aaron Static ChordCV

Generates a chord


Mockba Modular Proton


Virtual analog 3-oscillator polysynth

PolyphonicOscillatorSynth voice

Voxglitch Repeater

Looping sample player with playback offset control.


Sckitam PolygonalVCO

Polygonal VCO


Submarine SN-101

SN-101 Smooth Noise Generator


Sckitam MarkovSeq

Sequencer/Switch based on Markov chain


Frozen Wasteland Drunken Rampage

Probalistic Dual ramp generator. Inspired by Befaco Rampage.

Function generatorLogicSlew limiterEnvelope followerDualRandom

Mockba Modular MaugTriangle

Simple Moog style TRIANGLE oscillator


Mockba Modular MaugOsc

Simple Moog style oscillator


Mockba Modular MaugShark

Simple Moog style SHARK oscillator


Mockba Modular MaugSaw

Simple Moog style SAW oscillator


Mockba Modular MaugSaw2

Simple Moog style INVSAW oscillator


Mockba Modular MaugSquare

Simple Moog style SQUARE .48 oscillator


Mockba Modular MaugSquare2

Simple Moog style SQUARE .29 oscillator


Mockba Modular MaugSquare3

Simple Moog style SQUARE .17 oscillator


Mockba Modular CZ Oscah

Special Vintage Oscillators

Casio CZ like oscillator with wave sequence


Mockba Modular Comparator

Simple voltage comparator


Count Modula Clocked Random Gates

Generates a set of 8 synchronised gates and triggers

Clock modulatorSequencer

Count Modula Clocked Random Gate CV Expander

Generates CV based on the state of the random gates


Count Modula Clocked Random Gate Logic Expander

Logical processing of the gates from the Clocked Random Gates module


Tiny Tricks Random Wrangler

Random generation that you control.

RandomNoiseLow-frequency oscillatorSample and hold

Impromptu CV-Pad

16-pad CV controller


Mockba Modular CZSquare

Simple CZ style SQUARE oscillator


computerscare Foly Pace

Draw a face


computerscare Custom Blank

Customizable, resizable, lovable blank panel. Load your own PNG, JPEG, BMP, or GIF.


Count Modula Fade-in/Fade-out Expander

Adds sequencer start/stop and envelope outputs to the fade controller


Tiny Tricks Wavetable Oscillator

A wavetable oscillator where you can record your own waves.


Sculpt-O-Sound Vocode-O-Matic

31 Terts Band Vocoder


Mockba Modular Countah

Simple clock counter

Clock modulator

Mockba Modular Mastah

UDP Clock Synchronizer (Master)


scanner darkly Orca's Heart

quad algorithmic sequencer generator

ArpeggiatorClock modulatorQuadSequencer

Count Modula Offset Generator

Offsets a CV signal by a given amount


Tiny Tricks Simplex Oscillator

A oscillator based on a simplex noise source.


Sonus Dept. Tropicana

Tropical Additive Oscillator


PdArray Array

Draw or record sequences, envelopes or audio

Envelope generatorFunction generatorSamplerVisualWaveshaperPolyphonic

PdArray Miniramp

Generate a ramp from 0V to 10V with a given duration

Envelope generatorUtilityPolyphonic

Little Utils Pulse Generator

Generate rectangular pulses with a given duration

UtilityEnvelope generatorPolyphonic

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