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Submarine VM-102

VM-102 2-Channel VU-Meter

UtilityVisualDualPolyphonicHardware clone

Submarine VM-104

VM-104 4-Channel VU-Meter

UtilityVisualQuadPolyphonicHardware clone

Little Utils Teleport Out

Receive signals wirelessly from a Teleport In module


Sapphire Moots

Plugs/unplugs polyphonic cables.


Starling Via META

flexible contour generator

Function generatorDrumHardware clone

Squinky Labs Booty Shifter

Frequency Shifter

Ring modulatorEffect

aridacity Clock Divider

16 step clock divider and sequencer

Clock modulatorSwitchSequencer

HetrickCV Binary Gate

Manually turn a gate on or off, or toggle its current state.


Frozen Wasteland QAR - Probability

Add Randomness to QAR Rhythms


Little Utils Teleport In

Send signals wirelessly to one or more Teleport Out modules


Venom Shaped VCA

Stereo VCA with a variable response curve, hard/soft clipping, ring modulation, and oversampling

AttenuatorPolyphonicRing modulatorUtilityVoltage-controlled amplifierWaveshaper

Count Modula Voltage Scaler

Rescale a voltage from one range to another


KautenjaDSP RackNES

A Nintendo Entertainment System emulator with CV

Clock generatorSamplerVisual

JW-Modules Tree


Count Modula Fade-in/Fade-out and Record Controller

Automated fade in/out with integrated start/stop control for the VCV Record module


Path Set Randomizer Expander

Path Set: Rainbows $15

Adds Randomizing Triggers to any Rainbow Sequencer


Path Set AstroVibe

Three stereo oscillators or LFOs with random waveforms. Explore a universe of unique waveforms.

OscillatorLow-frequency oscillatorPhysical modeling

pachde HC-1

Fast access to favorite presets on the Eagan Matrix, with knobs and CV for essential controls.


Count Modula Sequencer Trigger Expander

8 step sequencer expander adding a an extra channel of gate/trigger output


AS VC Filter

AS Drums n Filters $20

Voltage Controlled Filter


DanT Billy G8s

[10hp] Gates Generator


VCV Quantizer

12-note quantizer and scale selector


Frozen Wasteland Vox Inhumana

Formant/Vowel Filter


DanT Chromagica

[2hp] ARGB CV controller for Magical CV plugin theme


Surge XT Distortion

The Surge XT Distortion


HetrickCV Waveshaper

Modulatable hyperbolic waveshaper


HetrickCV Exponent

Raise a signal to a power


Voxglitch Drum Randomizer

Apply per-step percentage playback to gate sequences.


Patchable Devices Comparing Counter

Pulse counter / frequency divider with advanced comparator input

Clock generatorClock modulatorOscillatorUtilityWaveshaper

LifeFormModular PitchIntegrator

Sequential switch based on ML switches, with sample and hold designed for pitch

SwitchSample and hold

LOGinstruments Less Mess

Add labels to your cables


cvly ntrvlc

4x8 sequencer with incorporated quantizer


HetrickCV Probability

Sends one gate to two places randomly.


Vult Splie (Free)

Active Buffer


Studio Six Plus One Tyrant

Polyphonic Shift Register

PolyphonicSample and holdRandom

Grande Microtonal Chords

Microtonal quad chord generator.


Grande Microtonal Notes

Microtonal octal note generator.


DanT Kanal

[6hp] Waveshaper


Squinky Labs Substitute

Subharmonic VCO


Voxglitch Autobreak Studio

Advanced automatic breakbeat sample chopper


HetrickCV Phasor Reset

Duplicates an incoming phasor, but allows you to reset it independently of the input.


HetrickCV Phasor Mixer

Adds together multiple signals and forces them into a unipolar range via folding or wrapping.


Kilpatrick Audio Stereo Meter

Stereo Audio Levelmeter


Frozen Wasteland The Gardener

Sequencer Controller

Clock modulator

HetrickCV Gate Delay

Trigger input to delayed Gate output

UtilityClock modulatorPolyphonic

Frozen Wasteland Probably Note - Arabic

Probabilistic Quantizer using Arabic maqams, ajnas and sayrs


Voxglitch Digital Programmer

16 channel polyphonic programmer with built-in bank memory slots


Count Modula Analogue Shift Register

A dual 4, or single 8, step shift register

Sample and hold

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