Prok Modular by Prok
Oxidlab Entferner Free Modules by Alexander Schadenberger
Oxidlab Entferner Modules by Alexander Schadenberger
KautenjaDSP-RackNES by Christian Kauten
Personal Modules by SV Modular
Captain's Sounds by Mike Allison
az by azrrik
Studio Six Plus One by Studio Six Plus One
manikk Free Modules by manikk
rchoices by David Koch
Lunetta Modula by Count Modula by Adam Verspaget
NoraCodes by Leonora Tindall
Frequency Domain by almostEric and JerrySV
Aura Audio by Evan Murray
Mantra by Giovanni Gramegna
Interrobang by Jim Allman
JLmod by Joakim Lindbom
Entrian Sequencers by Entrian Solutions Ltd
Hampton Harmonics by Scott Hampton
Nonlinear Circuits by Michael Hetrick
NANO Modules by Jorge Gutierrez
Mockba Modular Tools by Mockba the Borg
ILovePerlin by
Mog by Mog
Aaron Static by Aaron Static
Proton by Mockba the Borg
Voxglitch by Bret Truchan
PS-PurrSoftware by Ken Chaffin
Model X by Mockba the Borg
Unfiltered Volume 2 by Unfiltered Audio
Kosmodules by Calvin Kosmatka
Sckitam by Philippe Salembier
Model V by Mockba the Borg
Regen Modular by Studio Regen
Aunty Langton's by Alex Weatherley
Special Vintage Oscillators by Mockba the Borg
Aria Salvatrice by Aria Salvatrice
ReTunes Free by Domino Marama
Number9 by clement foulc
23volts by Rémi Collin
Synthetic FX by SV Modular
Synthetic FX Free by SV Modular
NEX Switches by Xavier Nayrac
Mockba Modular by Mockba the Borg
Collection One by scanner-darkly
Pfzzz by Omar Shaban
Seasons by Spektro Audio
Racket Science by ContemporaryInsanity
MindMeld by S.Baker and M.Boulé
kocmoc by janne808
DrumKit Pro by Jerry Sievert
PdArray by Márton Gunyhó
Little Utils by Márton Gunyhó
OrangeLine by Dieter Stubler
Nozoid by Cyrille Henry
Tiny Tricks by Thomas René Sidor
Entrian Acoustic Drums by Entrian Solutions Ltd
TercerBrazo by Diego Dorado
Mental by Strum
stocaudio by Alessandro Petrone
LifeFormModular by Marc Dacunha
Chord Controller by Trevor Wilson
Chiptuner by Andrea Grossi
Prototype by VCV
Chords by VCV
Vitamin by Xavier Shay
Glue the Giant by Paul Merchant
Admiral by Wannes Rombouts
Catro/Blanco by catronomix
Wrong People by Wrong People
aridacity by aridacity
Signal Flux by Sam Wolk and Signal Flux
Synthetic by SV Modular
GoodSheperd by Jens Schulze
wiqid anomalies by wiqid
ZZC Phaseque by Sergey Ukolov
Patch & Tweak by Kim Bjørn
Lomas Modules by Guillermo Moreno
repelzen by wiqid
Vult Mysteries by Leonardo Laguna Ruiz
Ahornberg by Ahornberg
Prism by John Hoar / Pyer
MyLittleTools by
ZZC by Sergey Ukolov
Circlefade by Max Circlefade
SLM by Salvatore LA MALFA
Entrian Free by Entrian Solutions Ltd
Chortling Hamster Modules by Alan Holding
Semiramis by Sonus Dept.
OhmerPrems Free by Dominique Camus
Surge for Rack by The Surge Team
Creative Suite by Stellare Modular
Mosquito Labs by R. Mosquito
Erica by Erica
Strong Kar by Alexander Letourneau
Count Modula by Adam Verspaget
BB Modules by Roberto Colabene
Frank Buss by Frank Buss
PackOne by Benjamin Dill
Recorder by VCV
StochKit by Sam Laing
Catro/Modulo by catronomix
Alright Devices by Alright Devices
Starling Via by Starling
Silent Way by Andrew Ostler
8Mode by Matt Dwyer, 8Mode
WhatTheRack by korfuri
Encoders by Andrew Ostler
UnforgettableLuncheon by JohnnyMurf
Quadraphonics by Uriel Deveaud
Edge by Edge
MicMusic by Mike Maximov
PCM Drum by Hora
PCM Drums free by Hora
LabSeven by Gernot Wurst
SkJack by Skrylar
Skylights by Skrylar
Coirt / Bark by Phil Golden
Core by VCV
FV-1.emu by Eduard Heidt
QuantalAudio by Jansen Price
Host by VCV
Holonic Systems by Holonic Systems
Modular Fungi by Omri Cohen
Crystal Palace by David Peterson
Nocturnal Encoder by David Peterson
arjo_modules by Arjo Nagelhout
aP Modules by Alessandro Petrone
Sculpt-O-Sound by Jos Bouten aka Zaphod B.
Beckstrom Research by Chris Beckstrom
SubmarineUtility by carbon14
TriggerFish-Elements by JTriggerFish
noobhour by Nicolas Neubauer
Scalar by VCV
Geodesics by Pyer & Marc Boulé
computerscare by computerscare
21kHz by 21kHz
Spectra by VCV
Cosmic by Animated Circuits
FrankBussFormula by Frank Buss
huaba by Daniel Huber
Quantum Multiverse by Martin Lueders
Sequencer Pack by Martin Lueders
Audible Instruments Preview by VCV
Parametra by VCV
Torpedo Demo by carbon14
Vult Compacts by Leonardo Laguna Ruiz
Treasure Free by Hora
Analog Drums by Hora
Mixers by Hora
Modulations by Hora
Modulations Free by Hora
Processors by Hora
Processors Free by Hora
Sequencers by Hora
VCO-VCF-VCA Free by Hora
Bokontep Byte Beat Machine by ВОКОИТЕР
SerialRacker by Alex Petit-Bianco
BBI by tnorris
MicroTools by Aaron Kofsky
unless modules by unless games
PG-Instruments by Pete Goodwin
Rhombic Shift Register by Pulsum Quadratum
Erratic Instruments by Bruno Afonso
AS Seqs n Tools by Alfredo Santamaria
Koralfx-Modules by Tomasz Sosnowski
LFSR by alto777_LFSR
PulsumQuadratum-SDR by Jon Williams
Submarine by carbon14
Impromptu by Marc Boulé
Valley by Valley
Stochasm by Frederick Rainbird
Bacon Music by @baconpaul
modular80 by cschol
AS Drums n Filters by Alfredo Santamaria
Noises by Animated Circuits
Panimated by Animated Circuits
Sine Oscillators by Animated Circuits