Sha#Bang! Modules by Jeremy Muller
Ahornberg by Ahornberg
modular80 by cschol
Frozen Wasteland by almostEric
DHE Modules by Dale Emery
Submarine by carbon14
Stalys by Denis Dubo Chevalier
KautenjaDSP Potato Chips by Christian Kauten
FLAG Free by Nils Jonas Norberg
Semiramis by Sonus Dept.
Squinky Labs by Squinky Labs
ZZC Phaseque by Sergey Ukolov
MH by M. Terry Hunter
AlgoritmArte by AlgoritmArte
Lilac Loop by Gavin Rough
MindMeld by S.Baker and M.Boulé
PdArray by Márton Gunyhó
Geodesics-Vultiverse by Pyer + Leonardo Laguna Ruiz
Frequency Domain by almostEric with JerrySV, Jatin Chowdhury
JW-Modules by Jeremy Wentworth
Grande by David Grande
PackOne by Benjamin Dill
Voxglitch by Bret Truchan
az by azrrik
Audible Instruments by VCV
Ivy Fun Pack by ivy<3
ZetaCarinae by Marshall Hampton
Valley by Valley
ChowDSP by Jatin Chowdhury
Bidoo by Bidoo
MpSeries by Omer Liberman
Aria Salvatrice by Aria Salvatrice
unless modules by unless games
Polymaths by David Kant, Ryan Page, Mustafa Walker
PS-PurrSoftware by Ken Chaffin
Fehler Fabrik by Ross Cameron
Count Modula by Adam Verspaget
Bogaudio by Matt Demanett
Sonus Modular by Sonus Dept.
WeldSplatter by Philip Knodle
Nonlinear Circuits by Michael Hetrick
ZZC by Sergey Ukolov
Host by VCV
Nozoid by Cyrille Henry
VCO-VCF-VCA Free by Hora
Entrian Sequencers by Entrian Solutions Ltd
Entrian Free by Entrian Solutions Ltd
Entrian Acoustic Drums by Entrian Solutions Ltd
Sound Stage by VCV
Impromptu by Marc Boulé
Vult Mysteries by Leonardo Laguna Ruiz
Vult Modules Free by Leonardo Laguna Ruiz
Vult Modules by Leonardo Laguna Ruiz
Vult Compacts by Leonardo Laguna Ruiz
Studio Six Plus One by Studio Six Plus One
trowaSoft by j4s0n-c
Rackwindows by Jens Robert Janke
Atelier by Xenakios (Panel Design by Pyer)
Surge for Rack by Surge Synth Team
Modular Fungi by Omri Cohen
Regen Modular by Studio Regen
Captain's Sounds by Mike Allison
kocmoc by janne808
FV-1.emu by Eduard Heidt
Loopus Modules by Sonus Dept.
Recorder by VCV
Spectra by VCV
Grayscale by VCV
iggy.labs by Isabel Kaspriskie
Chords by VCV
Dintree by Andrew Kilpatrick
Prototype by VCV
Interference by Stoev
Geodesics by Pyer & Marc Boulé
KautenjaDSP RackNES by Christian Kauten
Lunetta Modula by Count Modula by Adam Verspaget
Glue the Giant by Paul Merchant
Truly by Travis Thompson
Prok Modular by Prok
Oxidlab Entferner Free Modules by Alexander Schadenberger
Oxidlab Entferner Modules by Alexander Schadenberger
Model V by Mockba the Borg
Alright Devices by Alright Devices
NANO Modules by Jorge Gutierrez
Vitamin by Xavier Shay
Personal Modules by SV Modular
NonLinearInstruments by Ignasi Álvarez Garriga
Synthetic by SV Modular
Creative Suite by Stellare Modular
Sckitam by Philippe Salembier
Admiral by Wannes Rombouts
Erica by Erica
manikk Free Modules by manikk
ML Modules by Martin Lueders
rchoices by David Koch