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T Shuffle

Randomly re-order the channels of a polyphonic signal. CV controls for seed and number of output channels.


T Calendar

A variety of LFO-like CVs, Triggers, and Gates related to time and date.

UtilityLow-frequency oscillator

T Seed

Given a seed voltage, generates 16 random voltages, as 16 mono outputs and 1 polyphonic output.


T Ouroboros

Sequentially step through the channels of a polyphonic input.


T Append

Append up to 16 mono or polyphonic signals together into a single list, and output a CV controlled (length, start point) subset of that list as a polyphonic signal.


T Sight

Simple scope wih a non-linear time scale.


T Spellbook

Play RhythML formatted text sequences.


T Stats

Perform statistical functions on a polyphonic cable.


T Blankt

A resizeable blank panel.

T Sort

A tool to arbitrarily sort and select channels from a polyphonic cable using polyphonic CVs.

T Spine

A few constant CV offsets I use often.



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