232 modules found

OME Masino

Yet another arpeggiator with useful features.


OME Tezca

Generates chord progressions using a simplistic approach of the Bartók axis system.


Hutara Hutara Random

Sample&Hold and Random Gate

RandomSample and hold

OME Damonitu

Generates arpeggios/melodies/(your noun here) based on euclidean rhythmic patterns and randomizable, or fixed, melodic patterns.


Sanguine Modules Sanguine Aleae

Based on Mutable Instruments' Branches

RandomDualHardware clonePolyphonic

Path Set +Pane

Bi-directional, chainable, expander for GlassPane.


docB Map

Polyphonic Chaos Maps


docB Swen

A Chaos Module


docB SEQ22

Stochastic Sequencer


CV funk Magnets

Simulate and interact with a small magnetic spin-lattice.

RandomLow-frequency oscillator

Biset Tree Seed

Tree sequencer expander to create evolving melodies

ExpanderSequencerVisualRandomPhysical modeling

Jasmine & Olive Trees Hotel

Source of loopable random gates with preset frequencies.

RandomSequencerClock modulator

Venom Poly Sample & Hold Analog Shift Register

Ten channel polyphonic sample and hold combined with a shift register

PolyphonicRandomSample and hold

Venom Benjolin Oscillator

Complex chaotic oscillator emulating the oscillator and rungler components of a Benjolin

Low-frequency oscillatorOscillatorRandomSequencer

MUS-X Drift

Random constant offset and drift.


OrangeLine Morpheus

Morphing of given or random sequences with turing machine functionality and 16 Internal Memory Slots.


Biset Tree

Evolving Tree sequencer impacted by wind force

SequencerVisualRandomPhysical modeling

alef's bits polyshuffle

shuffle the channels of a polyphonic signal, with various modes


VCV Random Values

Generates 7 random fixed voltages


JP Navigator

JP Lab $20

An event sequencer of 16 steps, each with two gates and two CVs. Precisely control the length of each event or add randomness.


JP Counter Point Expander

JP Lab $20

Expander for any main JP sequencer. Creates an extra voice using delay, regression and inversion.


JP Star Matrix

JP Lab $20

Fully control transition chance between any note block.


JP Improv

JP Lab $20

Jazz inspired live performance sequencer. Responds instantly to changes in notes add through the keyboard.


JP Four Track Expander

JP Lab $20

Add 64 more note blocks to Four Track. Try using more than one.


JP Four Track

JP Lab $20

Program 4-voice melodies or chords. Add endless expanders for endless length.


JP Navi

Clock divder with a random variation each cycle.

Clock modulatorRandom

JP Shift & Shuffle Expander

Expander for any main JP sequencer. CV controllable sequence modifications.


JP Improv Jr

Jazz inspired live performance sequencer. Responds instantly to changes in notes add through the keyboard.


JP Star Matrix Jr

Fully control transition chance between any note block.


JP Three Track

Program 3-voice melodies or chords.


SS-Modules melodygen

Generative melodies with useful parameters


HetrickCV Phasor Randomizer

Randomizes phasor signals to create different offset patterns for sequencers.


HetrickCV Probability

Sends one gate to two places randomly.


DanT PolySplice

[7hp][Nu-Metal] Polyphonic switch with up to 5 seconds slew.


T Seed

Given a seed voltage, generates 16 random voltages, as 16 mono outputs and 1 polyphonic output.


T Shuffle

Randomly re-order the channels of a polyphonic signal. CV controls for seed and number of output channels.


alef's bits nos

a weird noise-based oscillator thing


Studio Six Plus One Bose

Multi output random voltage generator, sample and hold with no input, steady or analog style drooping outputs

PolyphonicSample and holdNoiseRandom

alef's bits slips

generate random melodies, with optional random offsets each cycle, quantized to a scale


docB RndH2

Random and Hold mk2


Venom Rhythm Explorer

Random rhythm generator, trigger sequencer and clock divider

Clock modulatorRandomSequencer

Venom Bernoulli Switch

Randomly route two inputs to two outputs, with built in scaling and offset capabilities


Digital Apothecary Linden

A module containing some unconventional analog and digital circuits.


Questionable Modules Treequencer

Sequences using a binary tree algorithm


Questionable Modules Nandomizer

Randomly switches inputs


Questionable Modules Discombobulator

Randomly switches inputs and outputs


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