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HetrickCV Min-Max

Outputs the greatest and least voltages from up to 4 inputs.


HetrickCV ASR

Analog shift register. Multi-stage sample and hold


HetrickCV Analog to Digital

Converts a continuous signal into eight gates representing bit values.


HetrickCV Bitshift

Bitshifting distortion and waveshaping effect


HetrickCV Blank Panel

A blank panel. Show your love for HetrickCV


HetrickCV Boolean Logic

Six way boolean logic processor


HetrickCV Comparator

Determine whether a signal is above or below a threshold.


HetrickCV Contrast

A mild distortion that brightens up a signal.


HetrickCV Crackle

Vinyl-like noise generator ported from SuperCollider.


HetrickCV Delta

Determine which direction a signal is heading.


HetrickCV Digital to Analog

Converts eight gates to a smooth signal.


HetrickCV Dust

Random impulse and noise generator ported from SuperCollider


HetrickCV Exponent

Raise a signal to a power


HetrickCV Flip-Flop

A flexible toggle switch


HetrickCV Flip Pan

A bidirectional panner, crossfader, and VCA

PanningVoltage-controlled amplifierUtility

HetrickCV Gate Junction

Eight channel gate processor.


HetrickCV OR Logic (Gate Combiner)

Combines multiple gates into one gate.


HetrickCV Random Gates

Generates up to eight random gates.


HetrickCV Rotator

Eight-way channel rotation.


HetrickCV Scanner

8-channel signal crossfader, mixer, scanner, and router.


HetrickCV 2 To 4 Mix Matrix

Takes two signals and generates four variations.


HetrickCV Waveshaper

Modulatable hyperbolic waveshaper



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