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Daniel Davies Sequel 16

Sequel Sequencers

3 row / 16 step sequencer with built-in clock divider

Clock modulatorSequencer

Bastl Kompas


Kompas is a three-coordinate probabilistic pattern navigator.

Clock modulatorHardware cloneRandomSequencer

Daniel Davies Sequel 8

Sequel Sequencers

3 row / 8 step sequencer with built-in clock divider

Clock modulatorSequencer

GoodSheperd Seqtrol



Clock modulatorSample and holdSwitchUtility

XTRTN Mononeura


Tempo multipliers - nothing else.

Clock modulator



Clock divider with downbeat extract.

Clock modulatorPolyphonic

Nonlinear Circuits Divide & Conquer

Nonlinear Circuits

More clock dividers than you will ever need.

LogicClock modulatorHardware clone



Clock to CV generator. (Needs MIDI clk, cont, stop, start).

MIDIClock modulatorLow-frequency oscillator

Nonlinear Circuits 8-Bit Cipher

Nonlinear Circuits

Dual sequencer and clock divider. Panel by jk.

SequencerHardware cloneClock modulator



Clock distribution randomizer.

Clock modulatorPolyphonicRandomSwitch



Synchronized delay with shortening.

UtilityClock modulatorDelayPolyphonic

XTRTN Meganeura


Tempo multipliers - ideal for making Speedcore.

Clock modulator

OrangeLine Gator


Phased Based Microtiming, Ratcheting and Strumming

UtilityPolyphonicClock modulator

OrangeLine Phrase


Utility to sequence phrases by sequencing a sequencer

SequencerUtilityClock modulator

XTRTN Splitterburst


Tempo multiplier and gate generator, perfect for snare-rushes.

Clock modulatorUtility

RareBreeds Polygene


Polyphonic Rhythm Generator

Clock modulatorSequencerPolyphonic

Slime Child Audio Polyrhythm Sequencer


Three-track Polyrhythm Sequencer

SequencerClock modulator

RareBreeds Eugene


Euclidean Rhythm Generator

Clock modulatorSequencer

Fehler Fabrik Aspect

Fehler Fabrik

Clock Dividers and Sequential Sequencer

Clock modulator

Sha#Bang! Modules Polyrhythm Clock

Sha#Bang! Modules

Clock with 3 layers of embedded rhythms and randomization

Clock generatorClock modulatorRandom

Nonlinear Circuits 4Seq

Nonlinear Circuits

Dual sequencer and clock divider. Panel by jk.

SequencerHardware cloneClock modulator

Bogaudio RGATE


Clock-relative gate generator & clock divider/multiplier

Clock modulatorPolyphonic

Stoev Interference


Poly rhythm generator

SequencerClock generatorClock modulator

Count Modula Event Timer

Count Modula

Clocked/realtime event timer

Clock modulator

Count Modula Clock Divider

Count Modula

Clock divider with up/down mode and optional trigger outputs

Clock modulator

Count Modula Polyphonic Bernoulli Gate

Count Modula

Randomized routing of polyphonic gate signals

RandomLogicClock modulatorPolyphonic

Count Modula Master Reset Controller

Count Modula

Master reset button and clock wrangler

Clock modulatorControllerUtility

Count Modula Voltage Controlled Pulse Divider

Count Modula

Voltage controlled division of pulse signals such as gates and triggers

Clock modulator

Count Modula Clocked Random Gates

Count Modula

Generates a set of 8 synchronised gates and triggers

Clock modulatorSequencer



Phase Clock Divider (Compact)

Clock modulator

ZZC Div (Expander)


Phase Clock Divider (Expander)

Clock modulatorExpander

Mockba Modular Dividah

Mockba Modular

Simple clock divider

Clock modulator

Mockba Modular Countah

Mockba Modular

Simple clock counter

Clock modulator

scanner darkly Orca's Heart

Collection One

quad algorithmic sequencer generator

ArpeggiatorClock modulatorQuadSequencer

Count Modula Chances - bernoulli gate

Count Modula

Single bernoulli gate offering randomized routing of gate signals

RandomLogicClock modulator

LifeFormModular BurstIntegrator


Sequential switch based on ML switches, with trigger generator to add burst of trigs to yout patterns

SwitchClock modulator

Ohmer Modules BRK ("Break") expander for RKD


BRK ("Break") expander to setup RKD jumpers (inspired from 4ms BO hardware)

Clock modulatorExpander

computerscare Laundry Soup


Rhythm sequencer, pulse generator, text-based

SequencerClock modulatorRandomPolyphonic

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