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forsitan modulare deinde

Quad cascading addressable attack-hold envelope.

Envelope generatorQuad

Grande VarSampleDelays

Quad independent variable sample-delay buffers.


Kilpatrick Audio Twister

Quad hardware knob controller

Hardware cloneMIDIQuadUtility

Instruō saïch

Quad Oscillator

Hardware cloneOscillatorQuad

Instruō harmonàig

Diatonic Harmonic Quantiser

Hardware cloneControllerQuadQuantizer

Nonlinear Circuits Let's Splosh

Four inputs run into lots of Difference Rectifiers for many output variations. Panel by Papernoise.

MixerNoiseUtilityRandomHardware cloneQuad

Aria Salvatrice Signature Series Rotatoes

4 tiny knobs for automation or manual performance of CV parameters. Right-click options to offset and invert output. Support for Poly External Scales from Quatherina's Quantizer.


Aria Salvatrice Signature Series Pokies

4 tiny buttons for automation or manual performance of CV parameters. Right-click options to change output values, and use in latch mode.


Aria Salvatrice Quatherina's Quality Quad Quantizer

Quatherina the Quantum Duck's Quantizer with custom & Poly External Scales, 16 scenes, offset, sample and hold, transposition, lead sheet chords parsing, 4 polyphonic quantizer columns, and a licensed illustration of Quatherina


Bogaudio 4MAN

Quad button-controlled gates / triggers


Dintree V105 Quad CV Proc

Quad Control Voltage Processor

AttenuatorMixerQuadHardware clone

Dintree V104 Four Vs

Four Channel Voltage Source

ControllerHardware cloneQuadUtility

Dintree V102 Output Mixer

Four Input Mixer with Pan Pots and Output Level Meter

MixerPanningQuadUtilityHardware clone

Nonlinear Circuits BOOLs

Four binary logic jumblers. Panel by Papernoise.

LogicHardware cloneQuad

NANO Modules ALT

Quad Voltage Controlled Amplifier & Cascading Mixer

AttenuatorMixerQuadVoltage-controlled amplifierHardware clone

Scanner Darkly Orca's Heart

quad algorithmic sequencer generator

ArpeggiatorClock modulatorQuadSequencer

Spektro Audio Seasons

4-Stage Step Sequencer


Strum's VCV Modules MentalQuadLFO

Quad LFO based on Batumi

Low-frequency oscillatorQuad

LifeFormModular QuadModulator

Quad synced LFO with skew from ramp up to ramp down through sine plus dual unity mixer

Low-frequency oscillatorQuad

LifeFormModular QuadSteppedOffset

Octave and semitone transposer


NYSTHI Sussudio

Multi head sample based oscillator


NYSTHI MusicalBox

Multi sampler with 8 oscillators


NYSTHI MusicalBox2

Multi sampler 16 stereo channels (max 2Mb samples)


NYSTHI GateTrigMerger

GATE or TRIG mixer/merger


Admiral Tables

Quad sequencer.

Clock modulatorQuadSequencer

computerscare Oh Peas!

Quad Quantenuverter. Attenuverter, Offsetter, Microtonal Quantizer


repelzen re-win

4 channel quantizer


Submarine PO-204

PO-204 Phase Modulation Engine


Submarine XF-104

XF-104 Quad Mono Cross Fader


SLM Mux Freak

4 to 1 clocked multiplexer with switch probability and gate length controls


Ohmer Modules QuadPercs

Quad-channel drum machine


Holonic Systems SwissCheeseKnife

Quad utility module with a twist

UtilityAttenuatorMixerQuadVoltage-controlled amplifierSample and holdSlew limiter

Holonic Systems Lazy Susan

Quad Quantiser with user editable scales


Sonus Dept. Oktagon

Quad-Quad LFO/VCO

Low-frequency oscillatorQuadOscillator

NYSTHI Quad DC Block

High pass filter, selectable, to avoid Direct currents


NYSTHI XattoDelayer

Clockable delayer, with precise microseconds settings


NYSTHI ConstAddMult

Utility to Add, Sub, Div and Mult

UtilityAttenuatorVoltage-controlled amplifierQuadPolyphonic


8 Attack Decay EG with VCA and unity mixer

Function generatorEnvelope generatorQuad

NYSTHI QuadSimplerSlicerQuantizer

Quad Equal voltage division quantizer



FM Mixer helper, Mixer, 4 IN mono channels

MixerQuadVoltage-controlled amplifier

NYSTHI AttackSustainRelease16

16 Attack (Sustain) Release Envelopes

UtilityQuadEnvelope generatorFunction generator

NYSTHI AttackSustainRelease8

8 Attack (Sustain) Release Envelopes

UtilityQuadEnvelope generatorFunction generator

NYSTHI AttackSustainRelease4

4 Attack (Sustain) Release Envelopes

UtilityQuadEnvelope generatorFunction generator

NYSTHI 208 random + inverter

Imitation of the Buchla 208 noise generators from the Buchla Easel


NYSTHI QuadSimpler

Quad Sample player with mixer


NYSTHI ClockMultiplier

Clock Multiplier-Divider

QuadClock modulator

noobhour Baseliner

A 4x probabilistic attenuverting switch.


Count Modula Trigger Sequencer (8 Step)

Quad 8 step trigger sequencer


Count Modula Trigger Sequencer (16 Step)

Quad 16 step trigger sequencer


Count Modula Voltage Inverter

A quad voltage inverter that inverts signals around zero


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