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Grande Tails4

Quad mono-to-poly sequential note splitter with common outputs—helps preserve envelope tails.

UtilityPolyphonicVoltage-controlled amplifier

Grande Compare3

Three windowed comparators with common input.


Grande VCA4

Quad voltage-controlled amplifier.

Voltage-controlled amplifierPolyphonic

Grande Push

Polyphonic push-button switches.


Grande LFO4

Four ratioed bipolar sine LFOs with common primary frequency input.

Low-frequency oscillatorPolyphonic

Grande Peak

Captures polyphonic min/max peaks.


Grande Logic

Polyphonic logic gates. (Gates also include two single-input modes: apply across all A channels, and invert all B channels.)


Grande VCA3

Triple voltage-controlled amplifier.

Voltage-controlled amplifierPolyphonic

Grande LFO3

Three individual bipolar sine LFOs with separate frequency inputs.

Low-frequency oscillatorPolyphonic

Grande PolySplit

Poly-to-poly splitter with visual selection of channel split points.


Grande Split8

8-channel polyphonic split.


Grande Merge8

8-channel polyphonic merge.


Grande VarSampleDelays

Quad independent variable sample-delay buffers.


Grande PolyMergeResplit

Poly-to-poly Merge and Resplit back to the same channel widths.


Grande Clip

Polyphonic hard clipper and visual clip monitor.


Grande Tails

Mono-to-poly sequential note splitter—helps preserve envelope tails.

UtilityPolyphonicVoltage-controlled amplifier

Grande MergeSplit4

4-channel polyphonic merge and split.


Grande Microtonal Notes

Microtonal octal note generator.


Grande Microtonal Chords

Microtonal quad chord generator.


Grande Scale

Additional scales for Quant.


Grande SampleDelays

Provides multiple sample delay options.


Grande QuantMT

Microtonal quantizer.


Grande Quant Intervals

Microtonal quantizer based on pitch intervals.


Grande Quant

Quantizer with equi-likely notes mode.


Grande NoteMT

Microtonal note utility.



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