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Kilpatrick Audio MIDI Clock


MIDI with Analog and vMIDI Support

MIDIClock generatorUtility

Befaco Muxlicer


VC adressable sequential switch and sequencer

Clock generatorHardware clonePolyphonicSequencerSwitch

Befaco Sampling Modulator


Multi-function module that lies somewhere between a VCO, a Sample & Hold, and an 8 step trigger sequencer

Clock generatorHardware cloneOscillatorSample and hold

Slime Child Audio Clock


Multi-Rate Clock Generator

Clock generator

Sha#Bang! Modules Polyrhythm Clock

Sha#Bang! Modules

Clock with 3 layers of embedded rhythms and randomization

Clock generatorClock modulatorRandom

unless games tancor

unless modules

swinging gate machine based around a parametric binary tree, inspired by the cantor set

SequencerClock generator

Ahornberg Metronome


classic rehearsal metronome

Clock generator

Impromptu Clkd


Chainable master clock

Clock generator

Bidoo tOCAnTe



Clock generator

ZZC Clock


Clock & Phase Generator

Clock generator

catronomix vcClk


BPM clock with BPM sync output for other C/M modules

Clock generator

cf Metro



Clock generator

AS BPM Clock


BPM Clock

Clock generator

Bark Trim LFO Hz

Coirt / Bark

Trims top/bottom values on the selected LFO output, without attenuating. Quick access buttons on labels

Low-frequency oscillatorUtilityLogicDualClock generator

Bark Trim LFO BPM

Coirt / Bark

Trims top/bottom values on the selected LFO output, without attenuating. Quick access buttons on labels

Low-frequency oscillatorUtilityLogicDualClock generator

ML Modules BPM Tools

ML Modules

detect incoming clock and output voltages for Fundamental LFO and Delay

Clock generatorClock modulator



Warren Burt noise s&h lfo Aardvark IV RVG cell, clockable, cvable, syncable

NoiseUtilityClock generatorSample and holdLow-frequency oscillator

NYSTHI Janneker


Pulse sequencer and sequencers director

UtilityClock generator

NYSTHI JannekerTimed


Timed pulse sequencer and sequencers director

UtilityClock generator



Timer and time utilities

Clock generator

NYSTHI 208 pulser


Imitation of the Buchla 208 pulser from the Buchla Easel

DualClock generator

Count Modula Binary Sequencer

Count Modula

Binary counter based sequencer

Clock generatorSequencer

Unfiltered Volume 1 Glitch Shifter

Unfiltered Volume 1

Unpredictable granular delay buffer

EffectDigitalGranularClock generator

Unfiltered Volume 1 Instant Delay

Unfiltered Volume 1

Smooth granular delay without artifacts

EffectDelayGranularClock generator

Unfiltered Volume 1 Pitch Delay

Unfiltered Volume 1

Granular pitch-shifting delay

EffectDelayGranularClock generator

Impromptu Clocked


Chainable master clock with swing, clock delay and pulse width

Clock generator


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