12 modules in plugin

SV Modular Bass Drum 9

Bass Drum Kit based on 909


SV Modular Closed HiHat

HiHat Module


SV Modular CR78

CompuRhythm 78 Kit


SV Modular DMX

DMX Drum Kit


SV Modular Open HiHat

HiHat Module


SV Modular Synthetic Bass Drum

Synthetic Bass Drum


SV Modular Snare Drum N

Snare Drum Kit based on Novation Drumstation


SV Modular Tomi

Tom Drum Kit Module


SV Modular Gnome

Gnome Clock Module

Clock generator

SV Modular Sequencer

Drum Focused Step Sequencer


SV Modular Baronial

Drum Focused Envelope Generator

Envelope generator

SV Modular Marionette Bass

Hybrid Bass Drum



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Author: SV Modular

Author email:

Source code

License: CC0-1.0

Last updated:


Popularity: 81,076

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