28 modules in plugin

ML Modules BPM Tools

detect incoming clock and output voltages for Fundamental LFO and Delay

Clock generatorClock modulator

ML Modules Constants

Output constant voltages corresponding to common intervals


ML Modules Counter

Create Trigger pulses after a certain number of clock ticks

Clock modulator

ML Modules FreeVerb

VCV Rack implementation of the good old Freeverb


ML Modules OctaFlop

8 Flip Flops, pre-wired as binary counter

UtilityClock modulator

ML Modules OctaPlus

8 fold Adder.


ML Modules OctaSwitch

8 fold switch with CV controllable switching point


ML Modules OctaTimes

8 fold multiplier

UtilityRing modulatorPolyphonic

ML Modules OctaTrig

Gate tp Trigger converter

Clock modulatorPolyphonic

ML Modules Quantizer (h-bar)

Semitone quantizer


ML Modules Quantum

Quantizer with selectable notes


ML Modules S&H 8

8 fold Sample and Hold

Sample and holdPolyphonic

ML Modules Sequential Switch 8->1


ML Modules Sequential Switch 1->8


ML Modules Shift Register

Analogue shift register

Sample and holdPolyphonic

ML Modules Evolution

Shift register based random sequencer

SequencerSample and holdPolyphonic

ML Modules Sum8 MkII

Summer with selectable sign


ML Modules Sum8

simple summer


ML Modules Trigger Buffer

A trigger can be buffered, so that the next incoming clock will create an pulse.


ML Modules Trigger Delay

Trigger delay and gate length modulator


ML Modules TrigSwitch 8->1


ML Modules TrigSwitch 1->8


ML Modules TrigSwitch3 8->1


ML Modules TrigSwitch3 1->8


ML Modules Volt Meter


ML Modules Cloner

Clone a signal to polyphonic channels


ML Modules Poly Splitter

split polyphonic inputs into two outputs


ML Modules Arpeggiator

multi-channel arpeggiator


VCV Library Instructions

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  • Subscribe to a plugin, relaunch Rack, and click “Library > Update all” in the menu bar.
    • Adding individual modules will be allowed when Rack v2 is released, since this relies on its module whitelist feature. Until then, you must subscribe to the entire plugin.
  • Restart Rack and add the new module(s) to your patch.

All plugins on the VCV Library are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The “major” version (i.e. vMAJOR.MINOR.REVISION) must match between Rack and its plugins. For example, Rack v1.* can only load v1.* plugins.

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