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CV funk Steps

Fusion of a comparator and a step generator

Function generatorSample and holdUtility

CV funk Envelope Array

Six related envelopes and gates

Envelope generatorFunction generator

CV funk Penta Sequencer

A five step sequencer with five simultaneous outputs and tempo-synced slew


CV funk Impulse Controller

Decay envelopes propagate across a network of 24 nodes

Envelope generatorFunction generatorVisual

CV funk Signals

A small six-channel oscilloscope for visualizing rack signals.


CV funk Ranges

Convert two input voltages into equal intervals.


CV funk HexMod

Six phase-related LFOs with rate sync and individual phase reset triggers.

Low-frequency oscillatorVisual

CV funk Collatz

Clock-synchronized trigger burst generator, based on sequences of the Collatz conjecture.

SequencerClock modulator

CV funk Strings

Generates guitar chords from a button interface or CV. Implements bending, whammy bar and capo.


CV funk Ouros

A stereo phase injection oscillator, with polar waveform display.


CV funk Pressed Duck

A stereo six-channel dynamic compressing mixer with side-chain ducking, tanh saturation and ADAA.

MixerCompressorDynamicsDistortionPanningVoltage-controlled amplifier

CV funk Flower Patch

A 12-tone scale polar visualizer with FFT analysis.


CV funk Magnets

Simulate and interact with a small magnetic spin-lattice.

RandomLow-frequency oscillator

CV funk Syncro

Eight channel clock ratio generator.

Clock generatorClock modulator


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