16 modules in plugin

chowdsp ChowTape

Analog tape emulation

EffectDistortionPhysical modeling

chowdsp ChowPhaserFeedback

A feedback phaser


chowdsp ChowPhaserMod

A modulation phaser


chowdsp ChowFDN

Feedback delay network reverb


chowdsp ChowRNN

Simple recurrent neural network


chowdsp ChowModal

Single resonant mode


chowdsp ChowDer

Truculent analog distortion effect

EffectDistortionPhysical modeling

chowdsp Werner Filter

SVF based on a generalized Moog-Octave CAT architecture

EffectFilterPhysical modeling

chowdsp Credit

Creates a text file that credits all the modules used in your patch


chowdsp ChowPulse

Pulse shaper based on the TR-808 Kick Drum circuit

Envelope generatorPhysical modeling

chowdsp Warp

A warping distortion, developed in collaboration with IggyLabs


chowdsp ChowTape Compression

Analog tape compression emulation


chowdsp ChowTape Chew

Emulation of magnetic tape that has been chewed up by a tape machine


chowdsp ChowTape Degrade

Emulation of magnetic tape that has been degraded by time and use


chowdsp ChowTape Loss

Emulation of playhead loss effects for a reel-to-reel analog tape machine


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