606 modules found

Grande QuantMT

Microtonal quantizer.


Count Modula Matrix Combiner

Gate combiner/switched multiple


Alright Devices T-Wrex

Analog bitcrusher and decimator

DistortionEffectSample and holdHardware clone

Bogaudio ADDR-SEQ

Voltage-addressable 8-step sequencer


RebelTech Stoicheia

Dual Euclidean Sequencer

Clock modulatorDualHardware cloneSequencer

Path Set IceTray

Speed shifter and tape delay with selective memory. Perform into this and it will never forget your mistakes.


Frozen Wasteland Drunken Rampage

Probalistic Dual ramp generator. Inspired by Befaco Rampage.

Function generatorLogicSlew limiterEnvelope followerDualRandom

Grande Quant

Quantizer with equi-likely notes mode.


Bogaudio PRESSOR

Stereo compressor and noise gate


Audible Instruments Quad VC-polarizer

Based on Mutable Instruments Blinds

MixerAttenuatorHardware clone

NYSTHI AttackSustainRelease16

16 Attack (Sustain) Release Envelopes

UtilityQuadEnvelope generatorFunction generator

NYSTHI AttackSustainRelease8

8 Attack (Sustain) Release Envelopes

UtilityQuadEnvelope generatorFunction generator

NYSTHI AttackSustainRelease4

4 Attack (Sustain) Release Envelopes

UtilityQuadEnvelope generatorFunction generator

Nonlinear Circuits Numberwang

Four gates make sixteen. That's Numberwang! Panel by jk.

LogicHardware clone

SV Modular Tine

Voltage Based Splitter


SynthKit Addition

Simple value addition


ODDSound MTS-ESP Quantizer

Quantize pitch CV to the global MTS-ESP tuning table


stoermelder MIDI-MON

Monitor for MIDI messages


stoermelder MIDI-PLUG

Virtual MIDI merger and splitter


Submarine WK-205

WK-205 Das Wohltemperierte Klavier Nano


Alikins Hovered Value

Display and output the value of the currently hovered widget


Audible Instruments EQ Filter

Based on Mutable Instruments Shelves


AlgoritmArte Planetz

The music produced by rotating planets


Alikins Shift Pedal

Generate gates on mod key presses


stoermelder MIDI-CAT

Mapping module for MIDI CCs and notes to parameters of any module, similar to VCV MIDI-MAP


Voxglitch One Point

CV sequencer that uses external file as sequence data


HetrickCV Scanner

8-channel signal crossfader, mixer, scanner, and router.


stoermelder TRANSIT

Parameter-morpher and sequencer for up to 96 snapshots


Kilpatrick Audio Smasher Expander

CV and MIDI expander for Smasher with vMIDI Support


catronomix bitStep

1 'building block' for creating binary shift registers


Oxidlab Entferner LE - Low-Pass Filter

12dB Low-Pass Filter


Count Modula Binary Sequencer

Binary counter based sequencer

Clock generatorSequencer

computerscare Laundry Soup

Rhythm sequencer, pulse generator, text-based

SequencerClock modulatorRandomPolyphonic

computerscare Father and Son Patch Sequencer

Patch Sequencer - 10 in, 10 out patch matrix with 16 scenes


Kilpatrick Audio Slider

Hardware slider/button interface

Hardware clone

DanT 5Splice

[4hp] Window mixer for up to 5 inputs


Count Modula Fade-in/Fade-out Expander

Adds sequencer start/stop and envelope outputs to the fade controller


Voxglitch Grain Engine MK2 Expander

External audio recorder expander for Grain Engine MK2


Frozen Wasteland Probably Note

Probabilistic Quantizer


stoermelder MEM for MIDI-CAT

Memory-expander for MIDI-CAT



Low- and high-pass gate

Low-pass gateDualPolyphonic

Bogaudio PEQ14

14-channel parametric equalizer / filter bank


catronomix PreSetSeq

Preset scanner/sequencer for 8 parameters with 8 save slots

Sample and holdSequencer

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