418 modules found

Bidoo TiARE

Phase distortion oscillator

OscillatorLow-frequency oscillator

Bidoo cANARd

Sampler with slice tools & transients detection


noobhour Normaliser

An attenuator scaling values to an output range.


Bidoo tOCAnTe


Clock generator

Submarine PO-204

PO-204 Phase Modulation Engine


Submarine PO-101

PO-101 Phased VCO


Submarine PO-102

PO-102 Phased LFO


Submarine AO-106

AO-106 Arithmetic Operators


Submarine AO-112

AO-112 Arithmetic Operators


Submarine AO-118

AO-118 Arithmetic Operators


Submarine AO-124

AO-124 Arithmetic Operators


Submarine AO-136

AO-136 Arithmetic Operators


Count Modula Mangler

A voltage controlled sample rate/bit depth reducer


Hora Spectral Processor

Processors (6 modules)

Spectral processor inspired by bucchla 296e


Hora Amplitude Free

voltage controlled mixer/inverter/amp

Voltage-controlled amplifier

Hora PCM drums

PCM Drum (9 modules)

Sakata & sequentialTOM samples based drums


Hora quadraLFO Free

Quadratic LFO

Low-frequency oscillator

Hora Envelope Follower Free

Envelope follower

Envelope follower

Starling Via SCANNER

multi-channel waveshaper

WaveshaperDistortionHardware clone

catronomix aAvsBb

Multi-purpose quadcomparator/wave folder with 4 inputs

LogicSample and holdWaveshaper

catronomix 8xatn

8 attenuverters with cv control anx x2 signal boost


catronomix vcClk++

Clock multiplier for vcClk

Clock modulator

catronomix vcClk--

Clock divider for vcClk

Clock modulator

catronomix vcClk

BPM clock with BPM sync output for other C/M modules

Clock generator

catronomix PreSetSeq

Preset scanner/sequencer for 8 parameters with 8 save slots

Sample and holdSequencer

catronomix 8xlfo

8x LFO with full CV control and bpm sync

Low-frequency oscillator

catronomix 1-8-1

8>1 and 1>8 (stepping) switch in one.


catronomix 1hp blank

May the Light shine forever upon You


catronomix bitStep

1 'building block' for creating binary shift registers


Autodafe Keyboard

A handy Keyboard with CV/Gate outputs


Autodafe Chorus

A simple Chorus Effect


Autodafe FoldBack Distortion

Simple FoldBack Distortion module



Autodafe - REDs (10 modules)

A triple wave VCO with AM (Amplitude Modulation) between the Oscillators


Autodafe S[Q]UARE

Autodafe - REDs (10 modules)

A Square VCO made up of sine waves and Harmonics


Autodafe Bit Crusher

A BitCrusher/Reducer distortion effect


Autodafe BPM Clock

A Clock Generator with BPM sync

Clock generator

Autodafe Clock Divider

Clock Divider and Multiplier

Clock modulator

Autodafe Formant Filter

A nice-sounding Formant Filter


ML Modules OctaTrig

Gate tp Trigger converter

Clock modulatorPolyphonic

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