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VCV Recorder

Records stereo audio and video from Rack screen a file


nozoïd Nozori_68_CV_REC

Record and play back 2 independent CV, at variable speed

Hardware cloneDualDigitalEnvelope generatorRecording

Racket Science Vector Victor

Phase driven CV loop recorder


NYSTHI Polyphonic Recorder

from 1 to 16 channels recorder


stoermelder ReMOVE Lite

Recorder for parameter automation


NYSTHI Stereo Recorder

Stereo wave recorder


NYSTHI PolyRecorder64 64 tracks

64 tracks recorder


NYSTHI 1 channel Recorder

mono wave recorder


NYSTHI Stereo Recorder vers 2

Stereo wave recorder


NYSTHI confusingSimpler

Really confused sampler oscillator


Holonic Systems Pantry

Dual CV/Gate Recorder/Looper


Voxglitch XY

CV output generator with built in gesture recording.

SequencerRecordingEnvelope generator

Sonus Dept. Voyeur

Looper expander


NYSTHI 4/8 MultiTrack Recorder

Multichannel recorder


Sonus Dept. Foursome

Four tracks looper


NYSTHI Simpliciter

Sample oscillator also known as confusingSimpler


NYSTHI complexSimpler Sampler

Sampler VCO


NYSTHI AutoFader

Automated fader and cross fader

UtilityRecordingVoltage-controlled amplifier

ILovePerlin PerlinOne

adaption of NauModular Perin Noise module


OrangeLine Fence

Keep CVs in a defined pitch range


stocaudio Polyturing

Turing Machine inspired polyphonic sampler/sequencer


Starling Via SCANNER

multi-channel waveshaper

WaveshaperDistortionHardware clone

Animated Circuits Folding



Bacon Music ALingADing

A sub-par ring modulator

Ring modulatorPolyphonic

Surge for Rack SurgeConditioner

The Surge conditioner/limiter effect


Wrong People MIDI Player

Multitrack MIDI files player

Clock generatorEnvelope generatorMIDIPolyphonicSequencer

NLnRi LuciControlINFL



Wrong People Tourette

Tourette syndrome simulator


OrangeLine Swing

Micro Timing Sequencer

SequencerClock generator

OrangeLine Mother

Mode aware probability driven quantizer


Bacon Music KarplusStrongPoly

An implementation of KS in a module


repelzen re-trig

cv to trigger utility


nozoïd Nozori_84_MODULATE

Modulate 2 audio sources together using various algorithms

Hardware cloneDigitalEffectRing modulator

RJModules ReplayKnob

A knob which can be recorded and replayed.


RJModules Sidechain

A sidechain compressor, used to duck a signal and make pumping sounds.


LifeFormModular ImpulseControl

Trigger sequencer based on Fundamental SEQ3


Geodesics Energy

Relativistic oscillator

OscillatorSynth voicePolyphonicDigital

Frozen Wasteland The One Ring Modulator

Ring Modulator with CV controlable response

Ring modulator

Count Modula Rectifier

A full/half wave rectifier with variable rectification axis


Alright Devices Chronoblob2

Dual clock-syncable delay

DelayDigitalDualEffectHardware clone

nozoïd Nozori_68_VCA_PAN

Stereo VCA-Panoramic, with modulation of the panoramic control

Hardware cloneDualEffectPanningVoltage-controlled amplifier

nozoïd Nozori_84_THOMAS

Dual Thomas strange attractor for CV or audio noise source

Hardware cloneDigitalLow-frequency oscillatorOscillator

nozoïd Nozori_84_WS

Stereo Wave Shaper

Hardware cloneDistortionEffectWaveshaper

nozoïd Nozori_84_8_BITS

8 bit audio generator

Hardware cloneDualDigitalEffectOscillator

nozoïd Nozori_68_GRAN

Audio Granulator

Hardware cloneDigitalEffectGranular

Count Modula Shepard Generator

Generates a set of 8 ramp and sawtooth control signals appropriately phased for generation of Shepard tones

Low-frequency oscillatorFunction generatorPolyphonic

HetrickCV Contrast

A mild distortion that brightens up a signal.


nozoïd Nozori_68_WS

Wave shaper and distortion with a VC Panoramic

Hardware cloneDualDistortionEffectWaveshaper

Erica PicoDrums

Erica synth Drum sampler

DrumHardware clone

modular80 Nosering

Interpretation of Grant Richter's Noisering design


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  • Restart Rack and add the new module(s) to your patch.

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