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Amalgamated Harmonics MuxDeMux

Multiplexer/Demultiplexer for polyphonic cables


Amalgamated Harmonics PolyProbe

Display polyphonic cable voltages


Amalgamated Harmonics PolyScope

Polyphonic 'Scope


Amalgamated Harmonics PolyUtils

Utilities for Polyphony


Amalgamated Harmonics PolyVolt

Set voltages in Poly cable


Amalgamated Harmonics Arpeggiator MkII (deprecated)

A multi-input arpeggiator


Amalgamated Harmonics Progress (deprecated)

A chord sequencer


Amalgamated Harmonics Scale Quantizer (legacy)

Scale-aware quantizer


Lomas Advanced Sampler

Monophonic sampler.


Lomas Gate Sequencer

Gate sequencer with 4 patterns and up to 64 steps. Pattern length


LOGinstruments Speck

FFT Spectrum Analysis


LOGinstruments Crystal

Unpredictable oscillator - handle with care


LOGinstruments Velvet

Velvet Noise generator


LOGinstruments Less Mess

Add labels to your cables


OrangeLine Fence

Keep CVs in a defined pitch range


OrangeLine Swing

Micro Timing Sequencer

SequencerClock generator

OrangeLine Mother

Mode aware probability driven quantizer


ReTunes For Four

Clock splitter, counters and patterns for four beats per bar

Clock generator

SV Modular 4-Pole

Synthetic FX Four Pole Ladder Filter


SV Modular Curds

Synthetic FX Curds


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