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stoermelder MIRROR

Utility for synchronizing module parameters


Frozen Wasteland Probably Note - Math Nerd

Probabilistic Quantizer using prime number based generative scales


Frozen Wasteland Seeds Of Change - CV Expander

Additional CV Outs for SoC


DHE Modules Curve Sequencer 16

Generates a 16 step sequence of curves

SequencerEnvelope generatorLow-frequency oscillator

Frozen Wasteland Probably Note

Probabilistic Quantizer


stoermelder CV-MAP

Add CV automation to 32 parameters of any module


LindenbergResearch Sangster BBD Analog Delay

Voltage controlled BBD Analog time repeater


LindenbergResearch 5 Channel Mixing Amp

Voltage controlled 5 channel mixer amp with dynamic amp curve

MixerVoltage-controlled amplifier

OrangeLine Swing

Micro Timing Sequencer

SequencerClock generatorClock modulator

LindenbergResearch Stereo via polyphonic tool

Converts a stereo signal to poly and vice versa


Submarine EN-104

EN-104 Quad ADSR Enveloper Generator

Envelope generatorVoltage-controlled amplifierMultiple

DHE Modules Curve Sequencer 4

Generates a 4 step sequence of curves

SequencerEnvelope generatorLow-frequency oscillator

Nocturnal Encoder NE-2 Encoder

Dual Amplitude Modulation Encoder

OscillatorVoltage-controlled amplifierDual

RJModules Succulent



MindMeld ShapeMaster

Multi-Stage Envelope Generator (MSEG) / Complex LFO

Envelope generatorLow-frequency oscillatorSequencer

LindenbergResearch Westcoast Complex Shaper

Westcoast waveshaper with different modes


Regen Modular Nessie Pulse

Chip inspired pulse oscillator.


Frozen Wasteland Seriously Slow EG

Envelope Generator for modulating CV over *very* long time periods

Envelope generator

PurrSoftware Meander

Algorithmic Composer


ZetaCarinae GuildensTurn

4 state Markovian Router


Entrian Player: Drummer

Trigger sequence player for MIDI files and Entrian Sequencer songs.


Kilpatrick Audio K4815 Pattern Generator

CV and MIDI Pattern Generator

Hardware cloneMIDISequencer

ML Modules FreeVerb

VCV Rack implementation of the good old Freeverb


stoermelder STRIP

Manage a group of modules by using the expander-mechanism, providing load, save, copy, paste, disable, enable and randomize


Count Modula Octet Trigger Sequencer CV Expander

Adds a CV channel to the Octet Trigger Sequencer


GoodSheperd Hurdle


JW-Modules Bouncy Balls


Regen Modular Frames

A sequencer that takes inspiration from tracker software.


LindenbergResearch NO!ZER Probability Emitter

Variable noise and random generator


Frozen Wasteland Portland Weather - Tap Breakoout Expander

Individual Send/Returns for each PW Tap


Frozen Wasteland Probably Note - Arabic

Probabilistic Quantizer using Arabic maqams, ajnas and sayrs


Entrian Timeline

DAW-style timeline sequencer.


LOGinstruments Less Mess

Add labels to your cables


stoermelder TRANSIT

Parameter-morpher and sequencer for up to 96 snapshots


Audible Instruments Tidal Modulator 2

Based on Mutable Instruments Tides

Low-frequency oscillatorOscillatorWaveshaperFunction generatorHardware clone

Frozen Wasteland Probably Note - Chord Expander

Adds Chord Generation to Probably Not(e)


NLnRi LuciControlFREQ

Luci Ctrl FREQ


Regen Modular Nessie Saw

Chip inspired sawtooth oscillator.


RJModules RangeLFO

An LFO which can be mapped to a specific range.

Low-frequency oscillator

Audible Instruments Segment Generator

Based on Mutable Instruments Stages

Function generatorEnvelope generatorHardware clone

ILovePerlin PerlinOne

adaption of NauModular Perin Noise module


DHE Modules Scannibal 16

A 16 step scanned sequencer

SequencerEnvelope generatorLow-frequency oscillator

stoermelder MIDI-PLUG

Virtual MIDI merger and splitter


Kilpatrick Audio MIDI Repeater

MIDI Repeat Processor vMIDI Support


Frozen Wasteland Quad Algorithmic Rhythm Generator

4 track Euclidean and Golumb Ruler Sequencer


ML Modules Analog Sequencer


Frozen Wasteland Probably Note - Bohlen Pierce

Probabilistic Quantizer using Bohlen Pierce scales and tuning


ML Modules Memory Sequencer


Dintree V107 Dual Slew

Dual Slew Rate Limiter

DualHardware cloneSlew limiter

LindenbergResearch Big Blankpanel

Big Blankpanel


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