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AS Blank Panel Special

Blank Panel goodies


Little Utils Button

Press a button to output a trigger, gate or flip-flop signal


Little Utils Bias/Semitone

Offset an incoming voltage by volts or semitones


Little Utils Multiply/Divide

Multiply or divide two signals


Little Utils Pulse Generator

Generate rectangular pulses with a given duration

UtilityEnvelope generatorPolyphonic

Little Utils Teleport In

Send signals wirelessly to one or more Teleport Out modules


Little Utils Teleport Out

Receive signals wirelessly from a Teleport In module


modular80 Logistiker

Chaotic CV generator based on Logistics equation


modular80 Radio Music

The Music Thing Modular Radio Music is a sampler pretending to be a radio

SamplerHardware clone

modular80 Nosering

Interpretation of Grant Richter's Noisering design


AS ReCon

Controller helper for ReStepOne, ReStep sequencers


AS ReStepOne

Single step sequencer


AS ReStep

4 steps sequencer


AS ReBeat Trigger Seq/Clock Divider

4x4 Grid trigger sequencer/clock divider

SequencerClock modulator

AS ReBit Trigger Seq/Clock Divider

Single 4 step trigger sequencer/clock divider

SequencerClock modulator


Note quantizer


AS ReNote

3 channel note transposer


AS ReKey

1V/oct-key keyboard


AS ReGate

Gate generator/modifier


AS ReFluke

S&H/Noise/Gate generator

NoiseRandomSample and hold

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