244 modules found

chowdsp ChowPhaserMod

A modulation phaser


chowdsp ChowPhaserFeedback

A feedback phaser


chowdsp ChowTape

Analog tape emulation

EffectDistortionPhysical modeling

Bogaudio CMPDIST

Comparator-based distortion


Dintree V103 Reverb Delay

Stereo Reverb and Delay Digital Effects Processor

DelayDigitalEffectHardware cloneReverb

Frequency Domain Grains Of Wrath

Spewer of Grains of varying dispositions


NYSTHI Ambuance Reverb

Reverb based on the Juhana Sadeharju GigaVerb


Studio Six Plus One Wallenda

Karplus–Strong Delay with unison

PolyphonicDelayEffectPhysical modeling

Erica Synths Fusion Delay

Erica Synths BBD delay

EffectDelayHardware clone

Frequency Domain Morphology

Spectral Morpher


Frequency Domain Delayed Reaction

Spectrum based delay


EH-modules FV-1.emu

Spin Semi FV-1 DSP chip emulator


Sculpt-O-Sound Vocode-O-Matic_XL

31 Terts Band Vocoder with sliders for envelope attack and release time, level and panning


SV Modular Delay

Synthetic FX

Synthetic FX Delay


MSM Bitcrusher

Distortion effect by changing the sample's bit length and sample rate


MSM Morph

Variable input morpher with 8 inputs


MSM Phaser

2-20 stage phaser distortion effect


MSM Ring

Dual ring modulator


nozoïd Nozori_84_DOPPLER

Emulate a Doppler effect applied on an audio source

Hardware cloneDelayEffect

nozoïd Nozori_84_MODULATE

Modulate 2 audio sources together using various algorithms

Hardware cloneDigitalEffectRing modulator

SV Modular 4-Pole

Synthetic FX

Synthetic FX Four Pole Ladder Filter


SV Modular State

Synthetic FX

Synthetic FX State Variable Filter


SV Modular Rez

Synthetic FX

Synthetic FX Resonant Filter


SV Modular Comb

Synthetic FX

Synthetic FX Comb Filter


SV Modular Chorus

Synthetic FX

Synthetic FX Chorus Effect


Sculpt-O-Sound Vocode-O-Matic

31 Terts Band Vocoder


SV Modular Tsunami

Tsunami Wave Multiplier


Bidoo bAFIs

Multiband distortion


SV Modular X

Audio Exciter


nozoïd Nozori_68_CRUSH

Stereo Down-sampler / Bitcrusher

Hardware cloneDigitalEffectDual

nozoïd Nozori_68_DELAY

Audio Delay, with tempo synchronisation

Hardware cloneDualDelayEffect

nozoïd Nozori_68_KS

Karplus-Strong audio model

Hardware cloneDelayEffect

nozoïd Nozori_68_PITCH

Dual Pitch shifter using tape emulation

Hardware cloneDualEffect

nozoïd Nozori_68_VCA_PAN

Stereo VCA-Panoramic, with modulation of the panoramic control

Hardware cloneDualEffectPanningVoltage-controlled amplifier

nozoïd Nozori_68_WS

Wave shaper and distortion with a VC Panoramic

Hardware cloneDualDistortionEffectWaveshaper

Strum's VCV Modules MentalFold

Wave Folder


Strum's VCV Modules MentalClip

Wave clipper


stocaudio Polydelay

Polyphonic Delay with channel spread


Hora Flux


Bucket Brigade Delay


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