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Strum's VCV Modules MentalMults

Dual multiple


Strum's VCV Modules MentalMixer

12 channel stereo mixer with 2 auxiliaries


Strum's VCV Modules MentalSubMixer

Simple 4 channel stereo mixer


Strum's VCV Modules MentalFold

Wave Folder


Strum's VCV Modules MentalClip

Wave clipper


Strum's VCV Modules MentalGates

Gates or Mutes


Strum's VCV Modules MentalABSwitches

A/B Switches, select A or B output


Strum's VCV Modules MentalChord

Generates chords based on input pitch CV


Strum's VCV Modules MentalLogic

And, Or, Not logic gates


Strum's VCV Modules MentalButtons

Control buttons and switches


Strum's VCV Modules MentalSums

Dual 4 channel summing mixer


Strum's VCV Modules MentalPitchShift

Shift CVs by octaves or semitones


Strum's VCV Modules MentalCartesian

Grid Sequencer based on Make Noise's Rene


Strum's VCV Modules MentalPatchMatrix

10 * 10 switched summing matrix


Strum's VCV Modules MentalSwitch8

Send one input and a selected output


Strum's VCV Modules MentalClockDivider

Clock divider with odd number division outputs

Clock generator

Strum's VCV Modules MentalMux8

8 input Multiplexer


Strum's VCV Modules MentalKnobs

Outputs Constant CVs


Strum's VCV Modules MentalMasterClock

BPM setable clock with division outputs

Clock generator

Strum's VCV Modules MentalGateMaker

triggerable clocked gate with delay and tail


Strum's VCV Modules MentalQuadLFO

Quad LFO based on Batumi

Low-frequency oscillatorQuad


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