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VCV Convolver

VCV Rack 2 Pro VCV Rack 2 Pro Bundle

Convolves mono/stereo audio with an impulse response (IR) in real-time


VCV Reverb

VCV Rack 2 Pro VCV Rack 2 Pro Bundle

Stereo morphing reverb processor with a waterfall plot


Path Set Spork

Path Set: Grains

A granular FX module. Modulate 6 different granular effects.


AlliewayAudio Koan

AlliewayAudio Series I

Transforms audio or CVs from subtle warming to annihilation. Telecommunications signal compander (Variable MU-law Encoder/Decoder) with built-in noise, analog clipping, mixer, and thru-zero VCA. Try plugging your favorite filter or effect between encoder and decoder!

CompressorDistortionDigitalEffectLimiterMixerNoiseRing modulatorUtilityVoltage-controlled amplifierWaveshaper

SV Modular Delay

Synthetic FX

Synthetic FX Delay


SV Modular 4-Pole

Synthetic FX

Synthetic FX Four Pole Ladder Filter


SV Modular State

Synthetic FX

Synthetic FX State Variable Filter


SV Modular Rez

Synthetic FX

Synthetic FX Resonant Filter


SV Modular Comb

Synthetic FX

Synthetic FX Comb Filter


SV Modular Chorus

Synthetic FX

Synthetic FX Chorus Effect


Hora Flux


Bucket Brigade Delay


Hora Spectral Processor


Spectral processor inspired by bucchla 296e


Hora Millenial


Multimode tap delay and resonator

EffectPhysical modelingDelay

Unfiltered Audio Fusion

Unfiltered Volume 1

Two-input signal smasher and creative mixer


BB Modules Fox

BB Modules

Clean Overdrive



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