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docB HexSeqP

A 16x16x64 Trigger Sequencer


docB Interface

Create an interface for a selection of connected modules


docB HexSeq

A Sequencer using compact hexadecimal strings for trigger sequencing


docB Frac

Outputs expansions of integer fractions


docB Hopa

Hopalong Attractor


docB GenScale

Generates a polyphonic Scale


docB RndC

Polyphonic RandomLFO with cubic interpolation


docB RndH

Polyphonic Random Hold


docB AddSynth

A two dimensional additive synth voice


docB JTScaler

Tunes standard V/OCT pitches to Just Intonation Scales



A Random Value Cube


docB DCBlock

A stereo polyphonic dc blocker


docB GeneticSuperTerrain

Genetic Wave Terrain Synthesis with Superformula Curves


docB GeneticTerrain

Genetic Wave Terrain Synthesis


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