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Voxglitch Autobreak Studio

Advanced automatic breakbeat sample chopper


Voxglitch Groove Box Expander

Expander module for the Voxglitch Groovebox that provides Mutes, Solos, Gate Outputs, and track-level control over volume, pan, and pitch.


Voxglitch Groove Box

8-track sample based groovebox with parameter locks


Voxglitch Digital Sequencer XP

Polyphonic version of the Digital Sequencer. Sixteen-in-one cv/gate sequencers with independent control over clock division and sequence length.


Voxglitch Digital Programmer

16 channel polyphonic programmer with built-in bank memory slots


Voxglitch Wav Bank MC

Extended version of Wav Bank that supports multi-channel WAV files


Voxglitch Satanonaut

Based on the new comic Galacto Pitfighter: An alien entity hell-bent on mutilating your audio.


Voxglitch Looper

Bare minimum sample looper


Voxglitch Hazumi

Bouncing ball sequencer


Voxglitch Byte Beat

Bytebeat player with built-in presets.


Voxglitch Grain Engine MK2 Expander

External audio recorder expander for Grain Engine MK2


Voxglitch Grain Engine MK2

Granular syntesis based .wav player


Voxglitch Grain Fx

Granular effects for incoming audio.


Voxglitch SamplerX8

Eight stereo sample playback devices in one compact module.


Voxglitch Glitch Sequencer

Cellular Automaton Gate Sequencer


Voxglitch Digital Sequencer

Six-in-one cv/gate sequencers with independent control over clock division and sequence length.


Voxglitch Autobreak

Automatic breakbeat sample chopper


Voxglitch Ghosts

Granular synthesis sample player/scanner with looping grains.


Voxglitch Repeater

Looping sample player with playback offset control.


Voxglitch Wav Bank

Sample player that can load and switch between all .wav files in a folder.


Voxglitch XY

CV output generator with built in gesture recording.

SequencerRecordingEnvelope generator


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