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alef's bits polycounter

count up or down on trigger with custom start/end/increment values


alef's bits polyshuffle

shuffle the channels of a polyphonic signal, with various modes


alef's bits lucc

a clock divider based on the lucas sequence

Clock modulator

alef's bits nos

a weird noise-based oscillator thing


alef's bits slipspander

expander for slips to enter custom scale


alef's bits turnt

generate triggers when a CV signal changes direction, crosses zero, or both


alef's bits slips

generate random melodies, with optional random offsets each cycle, quantized to a scale


alef's bits lights

lights turn on when gate is high. 'latch' mode toggles lights on trigger


alef's bits polyplay

load and play a sample polyphonically


alef's bits probably not

mute a signal on trigger, based on probability


alef's bits logic

perform logical operations on two inputs


alef's bits math

applies various math operations on two inputs, clamped to +/-10V


alef's bits mlt

two 1:5 polyphonic multiples


alef's bits shift

an 8-step shift register with probability params for each step

Sample and holdUtility

alef's bits oct sclr

scales voltage to specified octave range


alef's bits fibb

a clock divider based on the fibonacci sequence

Clock modulator

alef's bits steps

a simple 8 step sequencer with randomize trigger and eoc output


alef's bits noize

random noise generator with duration parameter and 0-10V cv input


alef's bits polyrand

output a random channel of a poly input with a trigger


alef's bits blank 6hp

a simple blank


alef's bits simplex & hold

sample & hold module using internal simplex noise source

Sample and holdPolyphonicRandom


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