13 modules found

Fehler Fabrik Arpanet

1601 Sequencer


Fehler Fabrik Aspect

Clock Dividers and Sequential Sequencer

Clock modulator

Fehler Fabrik Botzinger

Arbitrary Rhythm Generator


Fehler Fabrik Chi

3 Band Crossover


Fehler Fabrik Fax

CV Recording Sequencer


Fehler Fabrik Lilt

Phase-Shifted Shuffling Clock Pair

Clock generator

Fehler Fabrik Luigi

Random Clock and Noise/Dust Generator


Fehler Fabrik Monte

Probabalistic Clock Generator


Fehler Fabrik Nova

Cut-up Sequenced Sampler


Fehler Fabrik Planck

Bit Depth and Sample Rate Crusher


Fehler Fabrik PSI OP

FM Percussion Synth

OscillatorDrumSynth voice

Fehler Fabrik Rasoir

Asymmetrical Voltage Processor

EffectWaveshaperSlew limiterDelay

Fehler Fabrik Sigma

Fixed Voltage Adder



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