751 modules found

stoermelder STROKE

Utility for converting hotkeys to triggers, gates and some other special commands


Bogaudio VISH

Vactrol-ish envelope generator

Envelope generatorSlew limiterPolyphonic

Questionable Modules Greenscreen

Changes the rack background color


Frozen Wasteland QAR - Grid Control Expander

Allows some QAR expanders to be modulated in a grid fashion


Voxglitch One Point

CV sequencer that uses external file as sequence data


Squinky Labs Formants

Singing Vocal Filter


Count Modula Voltage Scaler

Rescale a voltage from one range to another


fruitsofkarma Quadro360

Quadro mixer with 8 inputs/4 outputs with rotation control


computerscare Soly Pequencer

Sequentially step through the channels of a polyphonic signal.


Vult Lateralus (Free)

Diode Ladder Filter


QuantalAudio Daisy Mix Master MONO | 3HP

Modular mixer master - legacy


Vult Trummor FM (Free)

Percussion Synthesizer

DrumSynth voicePolyphonic

trowaSoft cvOSC Input Expander

Expansion module for cvOSCcv. Allows eight (8) more input CV channels to be sent to OSC.


Voxglitch Digital Sequencer XP

Polyphonic version of the Digital Sequencer. Sixteen-in-one cv/gate sequencers with independent control over clock division and sequence length.


DanT PKorre

[6hp] CV source based on correlation between two signals


Bogaudio DETUNE

Pitch CV processor for detuning oscillator pairs


trowaSoft cvOSC32 Input Expander

Expansion module for cvOSCcv. Allows 32 more input CV channels to be sent to OSC.


Frozen Wasteland Probably Note - Math Nerd

Probabilistic Quantizer using prime number based generative scales


forsitan modulare deinde

Quad cascading addressable attack-hold envelope.

Envelope generatorQuad

HetrickCV Binary Gate

Manually turn a gate on or off, or toggle its current state.


MindMeld RouteMaster 1->5 switch

RouteMaster 1->5 switch (for use with PatchMaster)


AlliewayAudio Chilly Cheese

1:1 digital recreation of Mannequins 'Cold Mac' esoteric macro-utility (made with permission, but not by Mannequins)

AttenuatorCompressorEnvelope followerLogicRing modulatorSlew limiterUtilityVoltage-controlled amplifierWaveshaper

Fehler Fabrik Botzinger

Arbitrary Rhythm Generator


Voxglitch One Zero

Gate sequencer that uses external file as sequence data


cvly ntrvlc

4x8 sequencer with incorporated quantizer


Count Modula Mute-iple

A dual 4-way/ Single 8 way mutable multiple


catronomix 8xatn

8 attenuverters with cv control anx x2 signal boost


Grande Microtonal Notes

Microtonal octal note generator.


Vult Tangents (Free)

Steiner-Parker Filter


forsitan modulare interea

Make a chord from a V/Oct input, with quality, voicing and inversion. Harmonize option.


Grande Microtonal Chords

Microtonal quad chord generator.


OrangeLine Swing

Micro Timing Sequencer

SequencerClock generatorClock modulator

Strum's VCV Modules MentalMixer

12 channel stereo mixer with 2 auxiliaries


KautenjaDSP Super Echo

An emulation of the echo effect from the S-SMP chip on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).


Strum's VCV Modules MentalPatchMatrix

10 * 10 switched summing matrix


computerscare Roly Pouter

Polyphonic router


LOGinstruments Less Mess

Add labels to your cables


XTRTN Ichneumonid

Switch randomly (or deterministically) between signals without creating discontinuities.


Strum's VCV Modules MentalLogic

And, Or, Not logic gates


Vult Trummor 2 (Free)

Percussion Synthesizer

DrumEnvelope generatorNoisePolyphonic

XTRTN Opabinia

Primitive bassdrum, also accepts audio input for distortion and waveshaping.

DrumEnvelope generatorDistortionWaveshaperPolyphonic

NLnRi BallisticENV

Ballistic ENV

Envelope generator

HetrickCV Phasor Sub-Step Shaper

Processes individual steps of phasor signals in interesting ways for sequence modification or phase distortion synthesis.

WaveshaperDistortionClock modulatorPolyphonic

OrangeLine Morph

Morphing of given or random sequences with turing machine functionality


SynthKit Clock Divider

Clock Divider

Clock modulatorLogic

Instruō eãs

Logic Module (eas)

Hardware cloneLogicUtility

Befaco Spring Reverb

Spring reverb tank driver

ReverbHardware clone

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