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Grande Compare3

Three windowed comparators with common input.


Chinenual MIDIRecorder

Multi-track MIDI Recorder


Nonlinear Circuits GENiE

Three Neurons tangled together in a feedback network of chaos. Panel by jk.

MixerNoiseUtilityRandomHardware clone

LifeFormModular PitchIntegrator

Sequential switch based on ML switches, with sample and hold designed for pitch

SwitchSample and hold

Autinn 6 Channel Mixer

6 channel mixer with no CV


Studio Six Plus One Iverson

Trigger Sequencer for use with midi controller


stoermelder MIDI-PLUG

Virtual MIDI merger and splitter


Squinky Labs Booty Shifter

Frequency Shifter

Ring modulatorEffect

Free Surface WaterTable

Physical modeling system with a fully analog design

DistortionFilterPanningRing modulatorPhysical modeling

MindMeld ShapeMaster

Multi-Stage Envelope Generator (MSEG) / Complex LFO

Envelope generatorLow-frequency oscillatorSequencer

QuantalAudio Daisy Mix Channel STEREO | 2HP

Modular mixer channel - proximity daisy chainable

MixerVoltage-controlled amplifierPolyphonicExpander

Entrian Player: Melody

Piano roll melody and chord player for MIDI files and Entrian Sequencer songs.


Frozen Wasteland Drunken Rampage

Probalistic Dual ramp generator. Inspired by Befaco Rampage.

Function generatorLogicSlew limiterEnvelope followerDualRandom

MindMeld PatchMaster

Configurable multi-controller with parameter mapping


AlgoritmArte Zefiro

A full synthesizer inspired by the iconic Buchla Music Easel

Synth voice

Bogaudio MATRIX44

4x4 matrix mixer


HetrickCV Binary Noise

Generates a random gate or square wave signal.


Alikins Idle Switch

If a signal goes idle, flip a switch


HetrickCV Scanner

8-channel signal crossfader, mixer, scanner, and router.


DanT Billy G8s

[10hp] Gates Generator


Count Modula Master Reset Controller

Master reset button and clock wrangler

Clock modulatorControllerUtility

Voxglitch Autobreak Studio

Advanced automatic breakbeat sample chopper


Bogaudio ADDR-SEQ

Voltage-addressable 8-step sequencer


Bogaudio MATRIX18

8-way signal router with attenuverters


GoodSheperd Hurdle



Voxglitch XY

CV output generator with built in gesture recording.

SequencerRecordingEnvelope generator

NLnRi BallisticENV

Ballistic ENV

Envelope generator

ZetaCarinae Firefly

Phase-coupled oscillator system


Strum's VCV Modules MentalPatchMatrix

10 * 10 switched summing matrix


Studio Six Plus One IversonJr

Trigger Sequencer for use with midi controller


Frozen Wasteland QAR - Conditional

Clock Divide individual beats in QAR Rhythms


Vult Lateralus (Free)

Diode Ladder Filter


Little Utils Multiply/Divide

Multiply or divide two signals


Instruō cruïnn Expander

Expander for cruïnn

Hardware cloneExpander

Kilpatrick Audio MIDI CV

MIDI to CV Module with vMIDI Support


Valley Interzone

Polyphonic, virtual analogue synthesiser voice complete with a VCO, mixer, filter, LFO, and envelope generator.

Synth voicePolyphonic

MindMeld PatchMaster Vertical Separator

Blank vertical separator for PatchMaster


Bogaudio SINE

Sine oscillator with phase offset


XTRTN Ichneumonid

Switch randomly (or deterministically) between signals without creating discontinuities.


stoermelder ReMOVE Lite

Recorder for parameter automation


Prism Droplet

A band-pass resonant filter, a port of the 4ms SMR MaxQ filter

Physical modelingFilterHardware clone

computerscare Stoly Fick Pigure

Draw a stick figure


Submarine PO-102

PO-102 Phased LFO


Ohmer Modules Splitter 1x9

Spread incoming monophonic or polyphonic signal upto 9 outputs


Count Modula Slope Detector

Slope Detector


Sonus Dept. Ctrl

Customizable Controller


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