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dawn bree prismo

an eight step direct input sequencer for cv or signal with four independent channels.


Loud Numbers Loud Numbers

Data sonification


Bogaudio MX88M

Mutes expander for MATRIX88


QuantalAudio Unity Mix | 2HP

Multiple 3->1 or 6->1


Sapphire Elastika

Filters audio through a simulated network of balls and springs.

Physical modelingEffectFilterReverb

ODDSound Interval

Transpose or bend pitch CV by any interval, defined either as an integer ratio or cents value.


Sckitam WaveguideDelay

High precision delay. Building block for waveguide, Karplus-Strong synthesis, Flanger and Chorus

DelayOscillatorPhysical modelingFlangerChorus

HetrickCV Bitshift

Bitshifting distortion and waveshaping effect


Instruō tòna

Oscillator (tona)

Hardware cloneOscillator

Bogaudio SINE

Sine oscillator with phase offset


Geodesics Torus

Bi-dimensional multimixer


Matrix Sequencer matrix-sequencer

Simple matrix sequencer for VCV Rack 2 with three different playback algorithms.


HetrickCV Mid/Side

Converts Left/Right signals to Mid/Side and vice versa.


Voxglitch Digital Sequencer

Six-in-one cv/gate sequencers with independent control over clock division and sequence length.


stoermelder STRIP-BAY

Utility module for STRIP keeping inputs/outputs connected


Glue the Giant Bus Route

Three stereo sends and returns with optional sample delays


Bogaudio SWITCH18

8-way signal router


Submarine WK-205

WK-205 Das Wohltemperierte Klavier Nano


Bogaudio ADDR-SEQ

Voltage-addressable 8-step sequencer


AlgoritmArte HoldMeTight

Triple sample and hold with an integrated quantizer

Sample and holdQuantizer

Lunetta Modula 8-bit manual binary values

Manually generates 8-bit binary values


MindMeld MixMaster

16-track stereo mixer with 4 group busses


Kilpatrick Audio Smasher Expander

CV and MIDI expander for Smasher with vMIDI Support


Frozen Wasteland Drunken Rampage

Probalistic Dual ramp generator. Inspired by Befaco Rampage.

Function generatorLogicSlew limiterEnvelope followerDualRandom

Daniel Davies Bend

Phase modulation oscillator

OscillatorLow-frequency oscillator

SV Modular Tine

Voltage Based Splitter


Strum's VCV Modules MentalMasterClock

BPM setable clock with division outputs

Clock generator

Count Modula Polyphonic Mute

Polyphonic Manual/VC Mute


Kilpatrick Audio Stereo Meter

Stereo Audio Levelmeter


Grande Quant

Quantizer with equi-likely notes mode.


HetrickCV Phasor to Gates

An 8-step gate sequencer driven by a phasor.

Clock modulatorSequencerPolyphonic

Instruō harmonàig

Diatonic Harmonic Quantiser (harmonaig)

Hardware cloneControllerQuadQuantizer

Nocturnal Encoder NE-1 Decoder

Dual Amplitude Modulation Decoder

AttenuatorSlew limiterEnvelope followerDual

computerscare Goly Penerator

Polyphonic constant CV signal generation


Count Modula Voltage Controlled Switch

Selects between 2 inputs or routes 1 input to one of 2 outputs based on the level of the signal at the CV input


Sonus Dept. Bitter

Bit Manipulator


Questionable Modules Nandomizer

Randomly switches inputs


aridacity Bit Crush

Bit crusher with bit operators

DigitalDistortionSample and holdPolyphonic

Nonlinear Circuits 8-Bit Cipher

Dual sequencer and clock divider. Panel by jk.

SequencerHardware cloneClock modulator

repelzen re-trig

cv to trigger utility


dawn bree seesaw

Switch between two inputs after a variable amount of clock pulses.


MindMeld RouteMaster 1->5 switch

RouteMaster 1->5 switch (for use with PatchMaster)


Audible Instruments Quad VC-polarizer

Based on Mutable Instruments Blinds

MixerAttenuatorHardware clone

Bogaudio MX44CVM

CV and mutes expander for MATRIX44


catronomix PreSetSeq

Preset scanner/sequencer for 8 parameters with 8 save slots

Sample and holdSequencer

computerscare Oh Peas!

Quad Quantenuverter. Attenuverter, Offsetter, Microtonal Quantizer


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