14 modules found

Vult Feigen

Vult Mysteries

Bifurcations Generator


Stoev Symmetry


Dual quantizer / scale arpeggiator


Entrian CV

Entrian Sequencers

Multi-segment multi-channel CV sequencer and graphical editor.


Prok Modular Shifty Business

Prok Modular

Shift Register based random noise generator


Entrian Drummer

Entrian Sequencers

Trigger sequencer for expressive drum grooves.


Entrian Melody

Entrian Sequencers

Piano roll melody and chord sequencer.


Entrian Timeline

Entrian Sequencers

DAW-style timeline sequencer.


Entrian Drummer

Entrian Acoustic Drums

Trigger sequencer for expressive drum grooves.


Vult Quincunx

Vult Mysteries

Probability Machine


Vult Dopamine

Vult Mysteries

Neural Tape


Sonus Dept. Cellular Noise


Cellular automata VCO/LFO

NoiseLow-frequency oscillatorRandomOscillator

AS ReFluke

AS Seqs n Tools

S&H/Noise/Gate generator

NoiseRandomSample and hold

Vult Caudal

Vult Modules

Mechanical Chaos Source

RandomLow-frequency oscillatorNoisePolyphonic


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