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maglav modular Chord Player

Chord Suite $5

5-voice chord/pitch cv generator with independent bass output


Entrian CV

Entrian Sequencers $30

Multi-segment multi-channel CV sequencer and graphical editor.


JP Four Track

JP Lab $20

Program 4-voice melodies or chords. Add endless expanders for endless length.


JP Four Track Expander

JP Lab $20

Add 64 more note blocks to Four Track. Try using more than one.


LindenbergResearch Neo Filter

LindenbergResearch $20

New Filter-Model based on the Design of the Classic Ladder-Filter


LindenbergResearch Sangster BBD Analog Delay

LindenbergResearch $20

Voltage Controlled BBD-Style Analog Delay with Distortion


LindenbergResearch Stereo via Polyphonic Tool

LindenbergResearch $20

Converts a Stereo Signal to Poly and Vice Versa


Mockba Modular Model V

Model V $20

Virtual analog 3-oscillator polysynth

PolyphonicOscillatorSynth voice

Mockba Modular Model X

Model X $20

Virtual analog 3-oscillator hybrid polysynth

PolyphonicOscillatorSynth voice

Mockba Modular Proton

Proton $20

Virtual analog 3-oscillator polysynth

PolyphonicOscillatorSynth voice

Regen Modular Cyclex LFO

Regen Modular $20

Low-frequency oscillator that generates waveforms using looped simplex noise.

Low-frequency oscillatorPolyphonic

Regen Modular Cyclex VCO

Regen Modular $20

Oscillator that generates waveforms using looped simplex noise.


Regen Modular Nessie Saw

Regen Modular $20

Chip inspired sawtooth oscillator.


Regen Modular Nessie Triangle

Regen Modular $20

Chip inspired quantized triangle oscillator.


Regen Modular Quan

Regen Modular $20

Note quantizer with even and uneven distribution modes.


Regen Modular XFade

Regen Modular $20

Linear crossfader for blending between two input signals.


Sonus Dept. Filtron

Semiramis $15

Double Butterworth Filter


MindMeld uMeld

ShapeMaster Pro $30

8-channel merge for SM-Pro CVs


Mockba Modular CZ Oscah

Special Vintage Oscillators $10

Casio CZ like oscillator with wave sequence


Slime Child Audio LP4 Filter

Substation $15

Physically-modelled 24dB per Octave Ladder Lowpass

FilterPhysical modelingPolyphonic

Slime Child Audio Quantizer

Substation $15

Variable-Intonation Transposing Quantizer


SV Modular Big Blue

Synthetic $15

Big Blue Polyphonic Synth

Synth voicePolyphonic

SV Modular Eastside

Synthetic $15

Eastside Polyphonic Synth

Synth voicePolyphonic

SV Modular 4-Pole

Synthetic FX $15

Synthetic FX Four Pole Ladder Filter


SV Modular Chorus

Synthetic FX $15

Synthetic FX Chorus Effect


SV Modular Comb

Synthetic FX $15

Synthetic FX Comb Filter


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