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Erica Synths Black WaveTable VCO

Erica Synths Wavetable oscillator

OscillatorHardware clone

VCV Scalar

VCV Scalar $20

Quantizer and scale tuner


noobhour Baseliner

A 4x probabilistic attenuverting switch.


noobhour Bsl1r

A single-channel Baseliner.


noobhour Customscaler

A quantizer for custom, CV-modifiable scales.


Count Modula Analogue Shift Register

A dual 4, or single 8, step shift register

Sample and hold

Count Modula Attenuator

Dual attenuator with attenuverting option


Count Modula Binary Sequencer

Binary counter based sequencer

Clock generatorSequencer

Count Modula Boolean AND Gate

4 input boolean AND/NAND gate


Count Modula Boolean OR Gate

4 input boolean OR/NOR gate


Count Modula Boolean VC Inverter

Dual voltage controlled logical inverter


Count Modula Boolean XOR Gate

4 input boolean XOR/XNOR gate


Count Modula Burst Generator

Generates bursts of 1-16 pulses whenever a trigger is received at the trigger input

Clock modulatorSequencer

Count Modula Comparator

Compares the input signal with either an internal or external threshold value and outputs gate signals based on the outcome.


Count Modula CV Spreader

Accepts "Base" and "Spread" CV inputs and creates a set of new CV values that are spread either side of the base value by an amount determined by the spread value.


Count Modula Event Arranger

A VCV Rack implementation of the VC Clock and Event Arranger published in an article by John Blacet in the Jan/Feb edition of Synapse magazine

Clock modulatorSequencer

Count Modula Gate Delay

A dual gate delay line giving up to 40 seconds of delay with voltage control over the delay time


Count Modula G2T - Gate to Trigger Converter

Gate to Trigger Converter


Count Modula Manual CV Generator

A simple dual manual CV generator offering +/- 10V with both coarse and fine controls


Count Modula Manual Gate

A manually triggered gate generator offering a number of simultaneous gate and inverted gate outputs


Count Modula Matrix Mixer

A 4 x 4 matrix mixer allowing up to 4 input signals to be independently mixed to 4 different outputs


Count Modula Minimus Maximus

A signal processor that determines and outputs the minimum, maximum and mean (average) of up to 4 input signals


Count Modula Mixer

A basic 4 input utility mixer with output level control, overload indicator, inverted output and selectable bipolar/unipolar operation


Count Modula Morph Shaper

Morphing controller and wave shaper


Count Modula Multiplexer

A 1 input to 8 output and 8 input to 1 output multiplexer


Count Modula Mute-iple

A dual 4-way/ Single 8 way mutable multiple


Count Modula Shepard Generator

Generates a set of 8 ramp and sawtooth control signals appropriately phased for generation of Shepard tones

Low-frequency oscillatorFunction generatorPolyphonic

Count Modula Dual SR Flip Flop

A dual logical Set/Reset flip flop with enable


Count Modula Trigger Sequencer (8 Step)

Quad 8 step trigger sequencer


Count Modula Trigger Sequencer (16 Step)

Quad 16 step trigger sequencer


Count Modula Tapped Gate Delay

A gate delay that offers up to 40 seconds of delay with tapped outputs at equal intervals along the delay line


Count Modula Voltage Controlled Polarizer

A dual voltage controlled polarizer


Count Modula Voltage Controlled Switch

Selects between 2 inputs or routes 1 input to one of 2 outputs based on the level of the signal at the CV input


Count Modula Voltage Inverter

A quad voltage inverter that inverts signals around zero


Geodesics Pulsars

Neutron powered morphing


Geodesics Branes

Coliding sample and hold

Sample and holdRandomDualNoise

Geodesics Ions

Atomic dual cv sequencer


Geodesics Entropia

Thermodynamic microstate sequencer


Geodesics Torus

Bi-dimensional multimixer


Geodesics Blank-Panel Info

Blank panel with info


Geodesics Blank-Panel Logo

Blank panel with logo


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