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AS Triggers MKI

Manual CV signal trigger with latch and temporary triggers + adjustable output voltage


AS Triggers MKII

Manual CV signal temporary trigger with labeling integrated


AS TriggersMKIII

Manual CV signal temporary trigger with editable labeling integrated


AS Zero CV 2 Trigger

Zero Crossing CV to Trigger generator


Audible Instruments Utilities

Based on Mutable Instruments Kinks

UtilitySample and holdNoiseHardware clone

Autinn Conv

Converts to and from uni/bi CV voltages


Autinn DC

Outputs DC component of signal


Autinn Digi

Quantizes a signal into discrete steps


Autinn Rebel

Plays a random selected chord from a root note (does not have to be in tune). Polyphonic outputs.


Bacon Music PolyGenerator

Generate test polyphonic midi-like sequences


Bacon Music SampleDelay

A tiny number of sample delay


Befaco Voltio

An accurate voltage source and precision adder.

Hardware clonePolyphonicUtility

Bidoo MS

Mid/Side Decoder/Encoder


Biset Blank

Animated cables & scope on hovered cables


Biset Omega3

Polyphonic CV spread


Biset Omega6

Polyphonic CV spread between 2 inputs


cf Algebra

2 signals math


cf Choke

hi hat style choker


cf Four

4 x solo/mute


cf Funktion

1 signal math


cf Patch

patch bay


cf Steps



cf Variable

Sample & Hold


Chinenual Harp

A reimagining of Iasos's GoldenHarp for VCV. A quantizer that generates gates as notes change.


Chinenual Melody Inverter

Produce inverted melodies


Chinenual NoteMeter

Display note names for inbound V/Oct voltages


Chinenual Polyphonic Merger with Sort

Merge signals into a polyphonic output and share sort criteriea with other SplitSort or MergeSort (inspired by Aria Salvatrice's Smerge)


Chinenual Polyphonic signal sorter with linked sort

Sorts polyphonic signals, optionally linking the sort order to other signals


Chinenual Polyphonic Splitter with Sort

Split polyphonic signal and share sort criteriea with other SplitSort or MergeSort (inspired by Aria Salvatrice's Splort)


Chinenual Tintinnabulator

Harmonizes via Arvo Pärt style Tintinnabulation


chowdsp Credit

Creates a text file that credits all the modules used in your patch


Coffee Any

A simple AND/OR logic utility with 8 inputs, 1 output.


Coffee Between

On trigger, out puts a random CV value between two values.

UtilityRandomSample and hold

Coffee Fork

Provide two inputs and a probability/chance, will output one, when triggered.

UtilityLogicRandomSample and hold

Coffee Fork2

Compare an input with a threshold and output one of two other inputs.


Coffee HiLo

Given one or two inputs, output the maximum and minimum voltage.


Coffee Juice

Select one of 16 sets of 8 fixed voltages, based on a CV input.


Coffee Set

Dual offset and scaling with CV control.


Coffee Set2

A single large knob with up to 4 presets and smooth interploation over a specified time.

UtilityVoltage-controlled amplifier

Coffee Some

From a group of active inputs, when triggered, mute a number of the inputs, based on a probability


Coffee Some2

On trigger, based on a CV input, between 0-n input is passed to outputs.


Coffee Some3

From a polyphonic input, when triggered, mute a number of the inputs, based on a probability


Coffee Tap

Three push buttons to control tree triggers and gates.


Coffee Together

An 8 channel, 4 group sequencer, with triggered randomized movement.

UtilityClock modulatorLogicRandomSequencer

Coffee Travel

On trigger, take two samples and interpolate an output

UtilitySlew limiterSample and hold

Coffee Tumble

A chain of up to 8 pulse countdowns, which can produce bursts of triggers or gates.

UtilityClock modulatorLogicSequencer

Bark Clamp

Feed signal, gained output won't go over voltages set. Can also attenuvert signals, Invert applied to input.


Bark EO Sum

Sums polyphonic channels and distributes them to outputs based on odd / even channel numbers.


Bark Quad Logic

Min/Max value based on inputs


Bark Trim LFO BPM

Trims top/bottom values on the selected LFO output, without attenuating. Quick access buttons on labels

Low-frequency oscillatorUtilityLogicDualClock generator

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