ALM Busy Circuits CIZZLE by ALM 2.0.2
Pamela's Pro Workout by ALM 2.127.0
ALM Busy Circuits MFX by ALM 2.111.0
Creative Suite by Stellare Modular 2.1.0
VCV Scalar by VCV 2.0.4
FLAG Prism of Perception by Flag Audio + Omri Cohen 2.0.2
Vult Compacts by Leonardo Laguna Ruiz 2.0.13
Vult Modules by Leonardo Laguna Ruiz 2.0.13
Vult Mysteries by Leonardo Laguna Ruiz 2.0.13
TheyProbablyAlias by Vega Deftwing 2.0.0
Prok Modular by Prok 2.0.3
K4815 Pattern Generator by Kilpatrick Audio 2.0.12
JP Lab by Andrew Hanson (Path Set) & Joop van der Linden 2.0.2
Substation by Slime Child Audio 2.2.6
PCM Drum by Hora 2.1.0
Sequencers by Hora 2.1.0
Modulations by Hora 2.1.0
Analog Drums by Hora 2.2.2
Processors by Hora 2.2.1
VCO VCF VCA by Hora 2.2.2
AlliewayAudio Series I by Allie Way 2.0.7
Entrian Acoustic Drums by Entrian Solutions Ltd 2.7.1
Entrian Sequencers by Entrian Solutions Ltd 2.2.1
Projection by Stoev 2.1.1
Symmetry by Stoev 2.1.2
Interference by Stoev 2.1.2
VCV Drums by VCV 2.1.9
VCV Host by VCV 2.0.4
Quantum Multiverse by Martin Lueders 2.0.3
Sequencer Pack by Martin Lueders 2.0.2
Unfiltered Volume 1 by Unfiltered Audio 2.2.1
Unfiltered Volume 2 by Unfiltered Audio 2.2.1
Doepfer by VCV 2.0.3
Cytomic by Cytomic 2.0.6
Geodesics-Vultiverse by Pyer + Leonardo Laguna Ruiz 2.0.4
VCV Pro by VCV 2.1.2
ShapeMaster Pro by S.Baker and M.Boulé 2.4.0
Synthesis Technology by VCV 2.0.3
Path Set x Omri Cohen by Andrew Hanson and Omri Cohen 2.0.2
Monsuta by Vega Deftwing 2.0.2
VCV Chords by VCV 2.0.4
ALM Busy Circuits Tyso Daiko by ALM 2.0.0
Path Set: Rainbows by Andrew Hanson 2.0.0
Path Set: Infinity by Andrew Hanson 2.1.0
Path Set: Grains by Andrew Hanson 2.1.0
AS Seqs n Tools by Alfredo Santamaria 2.0.2
FLAG Oppressor Pro by Flag Audio 2.0.0
Polymaths by David Kant, Ryan Page, Mustafa Walker 2.0.0
Madness by David Kant, Ryan Page, Mustafa Walker 2.0.0
Loopus Modules by Sonus Dept. 2.0.1
Semiramis by Sonus Dept. 2.0.0
VCV Sound Stage by VCV 2.0.4
Silent Way by Andrew Ostler 2.1.0
Synthetic FX by SV Modular 2.0.0
Synthetic by SV Modular 2.0.0
DrumKit Pro by Jerry Sievert 2.0.0
Autodafe - REDs by Autodafe 2.0.0
Oxidlab Entferner Modules by Alexander Schadenberger 2.0.6
Number9 by clement foulc 2.0.0
VCV Pulse Matrix by VCV 2.0.3
VCV Spectra by VCV 2.0.3
VCV Router by VCV 2.0.4
VCV Parametra by VCV 2.0.3
VCV Console by VCV 2.0.4
AS Drums n Filters by Alfredo Santamaria 2.0.1
Chord Suite by Jiahao Huang 2.0.0
Regen Modular by Studio Regen 2.0.5
Proton by Mockba the Borg 2.0.0
Special Vintage Oscillators by Mockba the Borg 2.0.0
Model X by Mockba the Borg 2.0.0
Model V by Mockba the Borg 2.0.0
BB Modules by Roberto Colabene 2.0.0
OmniMango Subliminal Messages by Garnet Grimm 1.0.0
OmniMango Hyper Wavetable by Garnet Grimm 1.0.2
OmniMango HyperTune by Garnet Grimm 1.0.1
OmniMango Juno Chorus Clone by Garnet Grimm 1.1.0
ZZC Phaseque by Sergey Ukolov 1.1.3
Ivy Fun Pack by ivy<3 1.0.0
Audible Instruments Preview by VCV 0.6.5
Cosmic by Animated Circuits 0.6.0
Panimated by Animated Circuits 0.6.1
Sine Oscillators by Animated Circuits 0.6.1
Rhombic Shift Register by Pulsum Quadratum 0.6.0
Noises by Animated Circuits 0.6.0
Hot Bunny by Matthew Friedrichs 0.6.0

VCV Library Instructions

  • Download and install VCV Rack.
  • Register for a VCV account and log in using Rack’s “Library” menu.
  • Add or purchase a module on the VCV Library.
  • Open the “Library” menu in Rack, click “Update all” (if updates are needed), and restart Rack once downloaded.
  • Right-click an empty rack space to launch Rack’s module browser to add a module to your patch.

All plugins on the VCV Library are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The “major” version (i.e. MAJOR.MINOR.REVISION) must match between Rack and its plugins. For example, Rack 2.* can only load 2.* plugins.

Missing or incorrect information in this database, such as a missing tag? Inform the plugin author(s) using the contact information on their plugin/module page.

Developers: see Adding your plugin to the VCV Library.


Purchasing plugins with the “VCV” brand supports the VCV Rack project. See VCV’s Mission Statement to learn how VCV Rack development is funded.

Prices are in US Dollars.

VCV is only responsible for VCV-branded plugins and does not completely review all third-party plugins. VCV does not provide technical support for third-party plugins. Installing plugins from unknown sources may compromise your computer and personal information.

By purchasing a plugin on the VCV Library, you agree to the End User License Agreement and Refund Policy.

Contact VCV Support for customer support and questions about the VCV Library.