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21kHz D∞

D∞ — pitch tools — 4hp


21kHz PalmLoop

Palm Loop — basic VCO — 8hp


21kHz TachyonEntangler

Tachyon Entangler — chaotic sync VCO — 20hp


23volts Cells

Cellular automaton sequencer


23volts ClockM8

Polyphonic Clock Modulator

Clock modulatorPolyphonic

23volts Mem

Sample & Hold with replay/looping abilities

Sample and holdSample and holdUtilitySamplerSequencer

23volts Merge4

2 x 4 voices polyphonic merger


23volts Merge8

8 voice polyphonic merger


23volts MidiPC

Sends and receive midi program change


23volts MonoPoly

Copy a mono channel to 1-n poly channels


23volts Morph

8 Knobs controller with snapshots and morphing


23volts Multimap

Versatile Midi IO & mapping utility, 16 knobs version


23volts Multimap

Versatile Midi IO & mapping utility, 16 switches version


23volts PolyMerge

Merge N polyphonic inputs to 1 polyphonic output


23volts PolySplit

Splits 1 polyphonic input to N polyphonic outputs


23volts Split4

2 x 4 voices polyphonic splitter


23volts Split8

8 voices polyphonic splitter


23volts SwitchN1

Polyphonic N to 1 sequential switch


Aaron Static ChordCV

Generates a chord


Admiral Divisions

Clock divider and polyrhythm generator.

SwitchClock modulatorSequencer

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