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Venom Mix 4

Compact audio or CV mixer, attenuator, inverter, amplifier, and/or offset


T Append

Append up to 16 mono or polyphonic signals together into a single list, and output a CV controlled (length, start point) subset of that list as a polyphonic signal.


T Ouroboros

Sequentially step through the channels of a polyphonic input.


T Calendar

A variety of LFO-like CVs, Triggers, and Gates related to time and date.

UtilityLow-frequency oscillator

T Shuffle

Randomly re-order the channels of a polyphonic signal. CV controls for seed and number of output channels.


docB M16S

Merge stereo input channels into polyphonic stereo output


docB S16

Split polyphonic input to 16 output channels


docB M16

Merge 16 channels into polyphonic output


Chinenual Melody Inverter

Produce inverted melodies


VCV Mult

Copies a signal to 8 outputs


Noumenal HUB

Stereo effect mixer and chain manipulator featuring parallel-sequential switching, feedback generation, and smooth bypass with fades


Studio Six Plus One PatchNotes

Slimline text area for making patch notes


Studio Six Plus One Thru

Thru module with assignable labels


Studio Six Plus One LalaStereo

Stereo two way crossover


Studio Six Plus One Duffy

Transposes incoming voct, the amount increased by a set number of semitones, can be used to traverse the circle of fifths


alef's bits turnt

generate triggers when a CV signal changes direction, crosses zero, or both


Chinenual NoteMeter

Display note names for inbound V/Oct voltages


Chinenual Tintinnabulator

Harmonizes via Arvo Pärt style Tintinnabulation


Voxglitch Drum Randomizer

Apply per-step percentage playback to gate sequences.


Venom WinComp

Windowed comparator and rectifier


Venom Recurse Stereo

Recursively process mono or stereo input via Send/Return, with built in scaling and offset cababilities

EffectPolyphonicRing modulatorUtility

Venom Recurse

Recursively process an input via Send/Return, with built in scaling and offset cababilities

EffectPolyphonicRing modulatorUtility

Venom Poly Clone

Clone each channel of a polyphonic input and merge the results into a single polyphonic output


Venom Clone Merge

Clone up to 8 monophonic inputs and merge all channels into 1 polyphonic output


Venom Bernoulli Switch

Randomly route two inputs to two outputs, with built in scaling and offset capabilities


alef's bits lights

lights turn on when gate is high. 'latch' mode toggles lights on trigger


Sickozell drummer4+

4 channel accent and choke utility for drum modules lacking this feature


Erogenous Tones LEVIT8

Utility Module

AttenuatorHardware cloneMixerUtility

Lunetta Modula 8-bit manual binary values

Manually generates 8-bit binary values


Digital Apothecary Linden

A module containing some unconventional analog and digital circuits.


Instruō càrn

Utility Mixer

Hardware cloneUtilityMixerPanning

Instruō cuïr

Output Module

Hardware cloneUtility

Questionable Modules Nandomizer

Randomly switches inputs


Questionable Modules Discombobulator

Randomly switches inputs and outputs


stoermelder CLK for MIDI-CAT

Expander for clock-synchronization of MIDI-CAT


EarthTones PolarCV

CV Generator for polar equations

Function generatorLow-frequency oscillatorUtilityVisual

Stochastic Telegraph BASICally

Generate sequences, perform math on inputs, and even multitask with a simple BASIC-like language. Can also send Tipsy text messages to modules that support them (e.g., TTY).

AttenuatorFunction generatorSequencerSample and holdUtility

Sickozell shifter

64 selectable stages shift register

Sample and holdUtility

stoermelder MIDI-KEY

Converts MIDI CC or note messages into keyboard events (preview)


stoermelder STRIP++

Adds hotkeys for pasting and importing selections while preserving parameter mappings


Surge XT ModMatrix

The Surge XT ModMatrix


Sickozell parking

Set of unconnected inputs and outputs just to park unused cables


Sickozell drummer4

4 channel accent and choke utility for drum modules lacking this feature


Sickozell drummer

Accent and choke utility for drum modules lacking these features


docB Preset

Preset Selector/Sequencer


Plurm simplerouter

a rpre/post-processing switch


ALM Busy Circuits Beast's Chalkboard

ALM002 Beast's Chalkboard

UtilityHardware clone

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