3,175 modules found

DHE Modules Blossom

Generates a pair of complex, pulsing LFO signals

Low-frequency oscillator

DHE Modules Booster Stage

Generates a single envelope stage

Envelope generator

DHE Modules Cubic

Offsets, scales, squares, and cubes its input signal


DHE Modules Func

A knob with a selectable range to offset or scale its input signal


DHE Modules Func 6

A chain of knobs with selectable ranges to offset and scale input signals


DHE Modules Hostage

Generates a hold or sustain envelope stage

Envelope generator

DHE Modules Ranger

A modulatable knob with an adjustable, modulatable range


DHE Modules Stage

Generates a single envelope stage

Envelope generator

DHE Modules Swave

A waveshaper with a unique sigmoid transfer function


DHE Modules Tapers

A pair of modulatable knobs with adjustable, modulatable tapers


DHE Modules Upstage

Special-purpose envelope controls

Envelope generator

DHE Modules Xycloid

Generates a pair of complex, pulsing LFO signals

Low-frequency oscillator

Bacon Music HarMoNee

Apply musical (major third, fifth, etc...) offsets to CV 1v/oct signals


Bacon Music Glissinator

Do a constant time gliss over a changing input signal

Slew limiterPolyphonic

Bacon Music PolyGnome

A poly-rhythmic clock generator

Clock generator

Bacon Music QuantEyes

Quantize your signals to notes on a 12 tone scale


Bacon Music SampleDelay

A tiny number of sample delay


Bacon Music ChipNoise

A recreation of the NES Noise Generator


Bacon Music ChipWaves

A recreation of the NES oscillators


Bacon Music Bitulator

A sub-par distortion and bit cruncher


Impromptu BigButtonSeq

6-channel, 64-step trigger sequencer


Impromptu BigButtonSeq2

6-channel, 128-step sequencer


Impromptu Clocked

Chainable master clock with swing, clock delay and pulse width

Clock generator

Impromptu Clocked expander

Expander for Clocked

Clock generatorExpander

Impromptu Foundry

4-track, 32-step, 64-pattern sequencer


Impromptu Foundry expander

Expander for Foundry


Impromptu FourView

Quad note or chord viewer with passthrough


Impromptu GateSeq64

64-step, 32-pattern gate sequencer


Impromptu GateSeq64 expander

Expander for GateSeq64


Impromptu PhraseSeq16

16-step, 16-pattern sequencer


Impromptu PhraseSeq32

32-step, 32-pattern sequencer


Impromptu PhraseSeq expander

Expander for PhraseSeq16 and PhraseSeq32


Impromptu Tact

Dual-channel tactile-inspired controller


Impromptu Tact1

Tactile-inspired controller


Impromptu TwelveKey

Chainable one octave keyboard controller


Impromptu WriteSeq32

3-channel, 32-step sequencer


Impromptu WriteSeq64

4-channel, 64-step sequencer


Impromptu BlankPanel

Impromptu Modular blank panel


modular80 Logistiker

Chaotic CV generator based on Logistics equation

RandomSample and hold

modular80 Nosering

Interpretation of Grant Richter's Noisering design

NoiseRandomSample and hold

Befaco Even VCO

Oscillator including even-harmonic waveform

OscillatorHardware clonePolyphonic

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