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Stoev Interference

Poly rhythm generator

SequencerClock generatorClock modulator

VCV Sound Stage

Reverb processor that simulates virtual sources and microphones on a 3D stage


Prok Modular Quad Selector Expander

Expander for Drum Modules. Allows quad selection via knob or CV


Prok Modular Dual Filter

Dual filters with Band Pass, Low Pass and High Pass


Prok Modular Micro Mixer

Micro Mixer for 5 inputs


Prok Modular Six Square Feet

Six Square Oscillators


Prok Modular Win Win Situation

Pair of Oscillators with frequency and amplitude envelopes designed for drum synthesis

DrumOscillatorSynth voice

Prok Modular Skin In The Game

Single oscillator with frequency and amplitude envelopes designed for drum synthesis

DrumOscillatorSynth voice

Prok Modular Drum Envelope

Three stage envelope (Attack, Decay, Breakpoint) for drum synthesis

Envelope generatorDrum

Prok Modular Overtime

Distortion and Bit Crusher


Prok Modular Whistle While You Work

Triple Noise Generator


Prok Modular Clap Envelope

Special envelope for synthesizing hand claps

Envelope generatorDrum

Prok Modular Shifty Business

Shift Register based random noise generator


Prok Modular Klonk

Prok Drums Klonk


Prok Modular Clap

Prok Drums Clap

DrumHardware clone

Prok Modular Hi Hat

Prok Drums Hi Hat

DrumHardware clone

Prok Modular Snare Drum

Prok Drums Snare

DrumHardware clone

Prok Modular Bass Drum

Prok Drums Bass Drum

DrumHardware clone

Oxidlab Entferner Plate R

Plate (right side)


Oxidlab Entferner B - Band-Pass Filter

12/24dB Band-Pass Filter


Oxidlab Entferner H - High-Pass Filter

12/24dB High-Pass Filter


Oxidlab Entferner L - Low-Pass Filter

6/12/18/24dB Low-Pass Filter


SV Modular Caillou Manipulator Expander

Manipulator Expander for the Caillou Granular Resynthesis Engine


SV Modular Caillou Voice Expander

Voice Expander for the Caillou Granular Resynthesis Engine


SV Modular Caillou

Caillou Granular Resynthesis Engine

Synth voiceGranularOscillator

Hora Vector Synth

Vector Phaseshaping Synthesis

OscillatorPolyphonicSynth voice

Sonus Dept. Envels

ADSR Envelope

Envelope generatorPolyphonic

Entrian Drummer

Trigger sequencer for expressive drum grooves.


Entrian Melody

Piano roll melody and chord sequencer.


Entrian Timeline

Timeline sequencer.


Vult Disjoint

DJ Style Filter


Vult Lapsus

Non-Euclidean Rhythm Generator


Mockba Modular WaveMod Oscah

Modulating waves oscillator


SV Modular Tek

DrumKit Pro Tek


Mockba Modular Proton

Virtual analog 3-oscillator polysynth


Mockba Modular Model X

Virtual analog 3-oscillator hybrid polysynth


Unfiltered Volume 2 Yoko

3-Band Frequency Splitter


Unfiltered Volume 2 Sunder

3-Band Amplitude Splitter


Mockba Modular Model V

Virtual analog 3-oscillator polysynth


Regen Modular Cyclex VCO

Oscillator that generates waveforms using looped simplex noise.


Regen Modular Cyclex LFO

Low-frequency oscillator that generates waveforms using looped simplex noise.

Low-frequency oscillatorPolyphonic

Regen Modular Frames

A sequencer that takes inspiration from tracker software.


Regen Modular Nessie Triangle

Chip inspired quantized triangle oscillator.


Regen Modular Nessie Pulse

Chip inspired pulse oscillator.


Regen Modular Nessie Noise

Chip inspired periodic noise oscillator.


Regen Modular Nessie Saw

Chip inspired sawtooth oscillator.


Regen Modular Quan

Note quantizer with even and uneven distribution modes.


Regen Modular Const

Four-channel DC voltage generator.


Regen Modular XFade

Linear crossfader for blending between two input signals.


Mockba Modular Mix Oscah

Mixing waves oscillator


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